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A gentle push in the right direction!

In November 2018, Active Northumberland was awarded a Sport England grant to help new mams get active.

As a new mam, you might be unclear about the type and amount of exercise that is appropriate during and after pregnancy, or about the benefits that exercise can bring. Here at Active Northumberland we are keen to help support and encourage new mams to take part in exercise.

We offer a range of low cost ante natal and post natal 'Mams on the Move' classes which are specially designed for mams-to-be as well as new mams and are supervised, FUN and very sociable!

See below for class timetable, prices and more information about our Mams on the Move classes.

mams on the move

Online Class Timetable


*Please ensure you've enrolled first by emailing Amy Fenwick our Wellbeing Co-ordinator at before booking a class. Please note this only applies if you haven't attended a Mams on the Move class previously.*
Activity Class Type When Where Price
Mams with Prams Outdoor Mondays
Starting Mon 19th April
Meet Dave Stephens Centre, Blyth Beach £4.00 per session
Must pre-book via the Active Northumberland App. 
Mama's Postnatal Core Stability™*
(6 week course)
Online Tuesdays
(Starting 27th April)
Delivered via Zoom. Link will be available upon receipt of payment. £20 for 6 week course.
 Please email Amy Fenwick to book at:
Mama's Antenatal Pilates™  Online

Delivered via Zoom. Link will be available upon receipt of payment. £4.00 per session.
 Please email Amy Fenwick to book at:
Mama's Yoga™ Online Tuesdays
Delivered via Zoom. Link will be available upon receipt of payment. £4.00 per session.
Please email Amy Fenwick to book at:
Mams with Prams Outdoor Wednesdays
Starting Weds 21st April
Meet Dave Stephens Centre, Blyth Beach £4.00 per session
Must pre-book via the Active Northumberland App. 
Antenatal Birth Preparation Course
(6 week course) 
Online Saturdays
(Starting 8th May)
Delivered via Zoom. Link will be available upon receipt of payment. £45 for 6 week course
 Please email Amy Fenwick to book at:

From w/c 5th April 2021 we will be running online Mams on the Move classes via our New Active at Home technology, which is accessible via our My Wellness app. Please see further information below.

PLEASE NOTE: Before taking part any of the above classes, all new mams MUST:

1 - Be 6 weeks post natal (or 12 weeks after a c-section)
2 - Have had an 'all clear' 6 week postnatal check
3 - Enrol with Amy Fenwick before your first session by emailing

Please note that Mams on the Move sessions will not run on Bank Holidays.


To make booking onto our Mams on the Move classes easier you can book via our app by following the steps below:
  • Contact to receive enrolment forms (if you're new to Mams on the Move classes).
  • Download the Active Northumberland app.Select the 'register' tile and then register as a 'pay as you go' membership.
  • Receive your 2 welcome emails afterwards which include your log in details.
  • Log in and book classes via the 'Mams on the Move' Book a Class tile.
Please also feel free to contact Amy through our 'Mams on the Move' Facebook group HERE


We've put a range of measures in place to help keep you safe:
  1. Each class will be limited to 15 women max. The guidelines for outdoor exercise are 30 participants.
  2. We will NOT be using benches and equipment. All work will be body weight exercises. You can bring a water bottle or your own personal hand weights/ resistance bands if you wish.
  3.  We will be operating at a 2 metre separation between all mams using spatial awareness and the markings on the floor outdoors.
  4. You must pre-book via our Active Northumberland App. For more information please see out 'HOW TO BOOK' section below.
  5. Staff have completed the Covid 2020 training and are up-to-date with guidelines.
  6. Please refrain from attending any of our clases if you have experience any of the following symptoms: a high temperature, a new continuous cough or a loss or change to your smell or taste.
  7. Although we have put the above measures in place, we would also encourage you to bring along your own personal hand sanitiser (although hand sanitiser will be available at each session).

Mams with Prams

Our 'Mams with Prams' class allows you to work at your own pace, so it’s perfect for ANYONE wanting to increase their fitness whilst having fun at the same time.

Focussing on cardio and toning exercises, Instructors will keep you right with the correct safety advice and tips for your individual stage postpartum.

TO BOOK in the first instance please email Amy Fenwick at
mams with prams

NEW Mama's Core Stability™

Why not join our NEW 6 week online Mama's Core Stability™ class from the convenience of your own home...with or without baby! 

The 6 week class works on regaining core stability and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and is suitable for all postnatal women especially if anyone has a diastasis recti.

The course will be delivered by Rachel Rafiefar Antenatal Educator and Chair of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Teachers. Guaranteed to be fun and interactive whilst being tailored to your individual post pregnancy exercise needs.

TO BOOK in the first instance please email Amy Fenwick at
new mamas core stability

Online Mama's Antenatal Pilates™

We are now taking our popular Mamas Antenatal Pilates™ sessions online! These online classes led by our Antenatal Educator Rachel Rafiefar, will help you feel more confident for your baby’s arrival by helping you to: 
- build strength 
- relax 
- learn breathing techniques 
- stretch out your pregnancy aches and pains 
- look after you physical and emotional help 

TO BOOK in the first instance please email Amy Fenwick at
online mamas antenatal pilates

Online Birth Preparation Course

If you are having a baby and finding everything a little overwhelming, would like to learn more about pain relief, birth positions, breathing techniques and more, then this course is for you!

In this 6 week course you will learn:
  • breathing techniques to help you relax and use during your baby’s birth
  • how to move in labour and find birth positions that work for you
  • how to make a birth plan
  • different pain relief options available to you
  • how to stay healthy during pregnancy
  • how to look after your emotional and mental health 
  • about different types of birth 
Rachel Rafiefar is a Childbirth Educator and is passionate about childbirth and helping women feel confident during childbirth and getting ready to have a baby. Partners are welcome to attend the sessions.
online birth preparation course

Online Mama's Yoga™

Stretch away those pregnancy aches and pains with our NEW online Mama's Yoga™ class. Led by our specialist Hatha Yoga Teacher and Antenatal Educator Rachel Rafiefar, this class is help you: 
  • Learn breathing techniques which are good for pain management and reducing anxiety 
  • Build muscular strength and endurance helping to build stamina for birth 
  • Learn how to increase circulation and promote relaxation 
  • Improve balance and co-ordination 
  • Connect with your baby as well as your mind and body on an emotional level 
We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you and your baby in this amazing journey! 
online mamas yoga

NEW Active at Home

We are pleased to announce that from w/c 5th April, LIVE Mams on the Move workouts will be available for postnatal mams via our NEW Active at Home technology, accessible through the Active Wellness app! 

Are you a new mam? Subscribe today to Active at Home and enjoy the following benefits: 

✅ Access online classes anytime, anywhere! 

✅ LIVE and On Demand Classes available 

✅ Especially designed for postnatal mams 

✅ Brought to you by our postnatal trained ‘Mams on the Move’ instructors 

✅ Unlimited access to other LIVE workouts which are safe for postnatal mams 

✅ Only £7.99 per month, cancel anytime 


Already registered with Mams on the Move? Brilliant, please confirm your membership with Amy at so we can allow you full access to our Mams on the Move classes on Active at Home! 

Not yet registered with Mams on the Move? No problem, please contact Amy at so we can complete a quick health questionnaire to enable you full access to our Mams on the Move classes on Active at Home.  

new active at home
further information

Further Information

If you'd like any more information or need to chat anything through, please contact our wellbeing co-ordinator, Amy Fenwick.

Amy leads the 'Mams on the Move' classes and will be very happy to discuss anything to do with the programme.

You are also welcome to join the 'MAMS ON THE MOVE' FACEBOOK GROUP where you will find out information about the classes and join in the conversation with other mams!

CONTACT:Amy Fenwick, Wellbeing Co-ordinator at

Before completing physical activity with us, we will ask you to ensure you have read in full our Health Commitment Statement, available here, and our PAR-Q, available here.

Download the app and get active!