25 January 23

Workout when it's quiet

Workout When Quiet Blog

At Active we create a welcoming environment where anyone can feel comfortable doing the activities they want to.

However, we also know you might be feeling self-conscious about your return to the gymclasses or swimming.

Many people choose to work out when it’s quieter and calmer in the centre.

Active Northumberland

Benefits of working out when it's quieter!

  • Less People Around

    Less people around

    Giving you more space to do your thing!

  • Gym Quieter2

    The gym is a lot quieter

    So you can work out at your own pace and not worry about anyone waiting on you to finish with the equipment.

  • No Waiting

    No waiting

    You are much less likely to have to wait for the equipment you want to use.

  • Gym Instructor Available

    Gym instructor available

    You can guarantee a gym instructor will be free to answer any of your queries.

  • Cycle Studio Near Berwick

    Cycle studio

    The cycle studios will have less people in them if you want to go for a ride.

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