02 February 23

Steam room vs Sauna

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How a trip to the sauna and steam room is good for your health!

Have you ever visited a spa and enjoyed a relaxing sauna and steam room experience? Steam and sauna rooms provide a very similar experience – you sit in a small, heated room and relax away the stresses of the day.  

The difference lies in the type of heat they use - while saunas use a dry heat with very low humidity, steam rooms on the other hand use a moist, more humid air and are generally cooler than saunas. 

Whilst much is known about the great health benefits of saunas including relieving stress and muscular tension, improving circulation and reducing blood pressure, less is known about how steam rooms benefit our health.  

So, let's find out more about the health benefits associated with a trip to the steam room...

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The benefits of the steam room

It is the moist tropical-like heat that is key to providing the unique health benefits of the steam room. Here are some of the health benefits research has shown are associated with a session in the steam room! 

  • Improve Circulation Steamroomblog (1)

    Improved circulation

    Moist heat can improve circulation, especially in the lower legs. Improving circulation can also promote skin tissue healing. 

  • Clear Congestion Steamroomblog

    Clears congestion

    The steam warms up the mucous membrane which helps relieve the symptoms of a stuffy nose, headache, throat irritation and cough.  

  • Bettercardiovascularhealth Steamroomblog

    Improved cardiovascular health

    The hormone aldosterone is released from sitting in the steam room, helping to lower high blood pressure.

  • Relaxation Steam Room Blog


    There's also an increase in feel-good endorphins and a reduction in the stress induced hormone Cortisol promoting relaxation.

  • Promote Mental Wellbeing Steam Room Blog

    Promotes mental wellbeing

    Taking time out for ourselves and directing attention towards relaxation can positively impact our mental health.  

  • Betterskinhealth Steamroomblog

    Better skin health

    The steam open up pores and releases toxins trapped under the skin. The condensation rinses away dirt and dead skin leaving clearer skin.

  • Loosen Stiff Joints Steamroomblog

    Loosens stiff joints

    Heat loosens up stiff joints and muscles – perfect for after a gym workout or for those with certain health conditions such as arthritis.

  • Burn Calories Steam Room Blog

    Burn calories

    Your heart rate increases in a steam room and if you’ve already been to a fitness class or gym session, a steam room can prolong that elevation and help boost weight loss.  

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Don't forget to re hydrate!

Whilst a session in the steam room and sauna are great for your health, you can become dehydrated with the heat.

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water before and after your session to fully reap the benefits. 

Active Northumberland

Our Tranquillity Spas – experience the health benefits for yourself! 

Here at Active Northumberland, we offer 6 luxurious Tranquillity Spas offering a relaxing thermal spa experience.

If you're choosing your spa based on whether they have a sauna or steam room, don't worry our Tranquillity spas have both! 

Why not experience the health benefits for yourself?

Active Northumberland

Choose your spa experience

  • Thermal Spa Near Ashington

    Ashington Thermal Spa

    • Enjoy the heat of a spa pool, steam room, herbal sauna
    • Cool off with our ice feature or monsoon shower
    • Relax on a heated lounger or dip your toes in our foot spa


  • Berwick Spa Pool

    Berwick Thermal Spa

    • Enjoy the heat of our spa pool, sauna and steam room
    • Enjoy our monsoon showers for the ultimate sensory experience
    • Leave feeling refreshed and revitalised



  • Thermal Spa At Blyth

    Blyth Thermal Spa

    • Soothe muscles in the spa pool, sauna and steam room
    • Cool off with our ice feature and monsoon shower
    • Relax on heated benches as you drift away


  • Spa Near Cramlington

    Concordia Thermal Spa

    • Treat yourself to a spa pool, sauna or steam
    • Unwind in our aromatherapy room, loungers and foot spa
    • Cool off with our ice feature and monsoon shower 


  • Morpeth Thermal Spa

    Morpeth Thermal Spa

    • Treat yourself to a spa pool, sauna or steam
    • Unwind on our heated loungers and choose a Himalayan salt sauna
    • Cool off in the monsoon shower with a tropical mist
  • Thermal Spa Pool At Ponteland

    Ponteland Thermal Spa

    • Relax in our spa pool, steam room and heated benches
    • Choose the Himalayan salt or herbal sauna
    • Cool off in the monsoon shower with a tropical mist

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