27 January 23

Six top reasons you need a fitness plan

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How amazing is it that you have taken the first step into the gym.  However, having the correct fitness plan will see much greater results! Why not look to book an ELEVATE Get Started session and one of our gym instructors can help you with a personalised fitness plan.

Read on for six reasons why a fitness plan will help you achieve your goals

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1. Need an introduction to a new exercise environment

Not too sure where to start with your gym workout? Do you normally exercise at home or outdoors? Starting with a pre-set plan from a qualified Active Northumberland gym instructor will help give you more confidence.

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2. Need help using the gym equipment

Do you look at all the kit in the gym and not have a clue where to start? You are not alone, our qualified instructors will take you through each piece of Technogym equipment in your plan from treadmills to exercise bikes and squat racks to using the free weights.

6 Reasons You Need A Fitness Plan
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3. Need to improve your technique

Do you desperately need to improve your form on the gym floor? Are you unsure if you are using the gym equipment correctly? Having a plan put in place for you by one of our fitness instructors will allow them to show you how to lift those weights, set up the treadmill and to make your workout more efficient.


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4. Training without any gains

Are you coming into the gym without any clear focus, doing a bit of cardio and jumping on a few machines and leaving? You could be working out for too long or working the same body part too close together. An ELEVATE training plan will give you the steps you need to achieve great results.



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5. Need some motivation

Are you stuck in the same cycle of exercises each time you come to the gym, but not progressing? Having an ELEVATE workout plan from one of our fitness instructors across a number of weeks not only gives you focus, but it also tells you which exercise to do, how many reps, how many sets-everything is laid out for you. It simplifies things for you. You can also track all your activity on the My Wellness app.


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6. Not sure the best way to achieve your fitness goals

Do you have a goal in mind, but just don’t know where to start? By having a pre-set exercise plan, devised by one of our gym instructors, will help you achieve your goals much quicker.

If you have made it this far you should be all set to get started on your ELEVATE 3 step fitness program. Our personalised workout plan will help you achieve great results. It will support you to optimally train each part of your body in the most efficient way possible.

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