17 March 23

Six reasons why classes can revive your fitness routine

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Do you want to get active, but struggle to find something you enjoy doing? Are you getting bored with following the same fitness plan in the gym? If you want to shake things up a little how about trying to add fitness classes into your workout routine? We believe it is possible for everyone to find their love of fitness. There are so many options to stay fit and healthy and we’re here to help you get you excited about reviving those fitness goals.

Here are six reasons why taking a fitness class can freshen up your fitness routine;

1. Mix things up

Variety is the spice of life and new and exciting experiences make life more interesting and fun! If you have never tried a fitness class before now is the time to give one a try!

2. Huge variety of classes

There is so much choice at Active Northumberland! Whether you want to release your inner warrior in a Les Mills Body Combat class or you’re looking to be calm and centred, long and strong in a Les Mills Body Balance class, speak to one of our instructors who will help you find the right class just for you! You can also discuss classes when you book in for your personalised Elevate fitness plan. Finding different ways to exercise makes the whole experience more enjoyable too.

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3. Virtual fitness classes

Turn up the music and get immersed in the world of Virtual classes. Led by Les Mills instructors on a big projector screen, they’re great for beginners and as an introduction to fitness classes. How much fun would it be to enjoy a virtual ride in our dedicated cycling studios in your lunch break?!

4. Rockstar instructors

One of the best things about an exercise class is the instructor. You have someone to show you the correct way to exercise, get the most from your workout and to correct your form to prevent injury. Our fitness instructors are always happy to answer any questions you might have about your fitness goals. So it’s a win-win!

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5. Be part of a fitness family

Fitness classes are the perfect place to find a community of like-minded people who love to keep fit. Being part of a fitness family can be a great motivator. You can cheer each other on, support one another and exercising with others will inspire you to push your own limits even further.

6. Hold yourself accountable

Hold yourself accountable by booking your fitness classes in advance. It’s a great way to build a new routine, make the most of your spare time and add variety to your current routine.


It’s clear to see the benefits of adding fitness classes into your exercise routine. With so many classes to choose from at Active Northumberland, the world is your oyster! What you waiting for, get booked in and try something new today from the list below!

Active Northumberland

All your favourites

  • LesMillsBodyAttackClassesInNorthumberland

    Les Mills Classes

    World class fitness classes and interval training

  • AquafitPoolFitnessClassInNorthumberland2


    Improve your fitness without putting stress on your joints

  • YogafitnessclassinNorthumberland2


    Boost your physical and mental wellbeing and flexibility

  • IndoorCyclingFitnessClassInNorthumberland

    Studio Cycle

    The interactive and energetic group riding experience 

  • AgewellfitnessclassinNorthumberland2


    A gentle and social way to exercise and improve your fitness.

  • ZumbaFitnessClassWorkout


    Dance yourself fit! Give your fitness a real boost in a fun way.

  • PilatesfitnessclassinNorthumberland3


    Strengthen the mind and body!

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