25 January 23

Rediscover swimming

Re Discover Swimming Blog

Want to rediscover your love for Swimming in 2023?

We would love to welcome you back to any of our 9 swimming pools, many with separate learning pools and splash zones so you can focus on your lane swim.​

Swimming is a great way to ease your way gently back into your health and wellness routine in the new year and will leave you feeling fantastic.

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Slow and steady wins the race!

If you haven’t swam for a while we’d recommend building your confidence back up in a slow lane.

This will give you plenty of time to get back in the swim of things as it could take you a good two to three weeks before you find your rhythm again.

Top Swimming Tip!

If you head back into the pool set yourself a 10-15 minutes time cap, count how many lengths you complete in that time at your own pace and rest as many times as you need to.

On your next swim try to beat your high score.


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Use the gym to build yourself back up

Swimming is great – but mixing it up by going to the gym will help you swim for longer in the long run. 

It all begins with a good warm up!

Start with 5-10 minutes of work on a cardiovascular machine of your choice.   ​

Think a brisk walk or a light jog on a treadmill, a medium intensity session on a rowing machine or a good pace cycle on a bike.  ​

The goal is to get your heart rate increased and your muscles warmed ahead of your main workout.

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Building your cardiovascular system and endurance in your main workout

It’s time to get that heart pumping to make a positive impact your swimming performance. 

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And now to cool down…

Pick any cardiovascular machine - Treadmill, Bike, Rower – and aim to move for 5 minutes at an easy pace, to reduce your heart rate before completing your session. 


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What you need to know

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