19 September 23

Making the Most of Your Gym Time: Our Guide to Gym Etiquette

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Active Northumberland

At Active Northumberland, we’re all about ensuring that every member has a fulfilling and enjoyable workout experience. While we provide the facilities and guidance, there's a shared responsibility among all our members to maintain a positive and respectful environment. So, let's delve into some best practices to keep in mind when hitting the gym!

1. Prepare for success

Come ready to train. A little preparation goes a long way. By planning your workout in advance, you not only save time but also ensure a more effective session. If you're looking for guidance, don't hesitate to inquire about our ELEVATE fitness pathway.

2. Less is more

Use the lockers provided. We all have essentials – keys, phones, wallets. But let's keep the gym floor clutter-free. Secure your belongings in the lockers and focus solely on your workout.

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3. Cleanliness is next to fitness

A tidy gym is a happy gym. We pride ourselves on our facilities, and it’s a collective effort to keep them pristine. Whether it's re-racking weights or ensuring you've wiped down after use, every little bit counts. And remember, proper gym attire isn't just about style; it's also about hygiene.

4. Stay connected, respectfully

Be smart with your phone. We get it – your playlist pumps you up, and tracking your progress feels great. But let's ensure our phone usage doesn't impede others' workouts. Selfies are fun, but let’s keep them discreet and always take calls outside.

5. Sharing is caring

Share the equipment. Peak hours can be busy, but there's enough for everyone if we're considerate. Let's talk to each other – whether it's inviting someone to alternate sets or giving a heads up on your equipment usage time.

6. Space to move

Respect everyone’s personal space. The gym is a communal space. A nod, a smile, or a simple "excuse me" can make all the difference. Let's ensure everyone feels comfortable during their workout.

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7. Guidance is always on hand

If in doubt, give us a shout. Our Active team is here to assist. Whether you're uncertain about a technique or pondering the right weight, seeking advice is always a smart move.

In conclusion

Every workout is a step closer to your fitness goals. Let’s make every session count, not just for us but for our fellow gym-goers as well. Enjoy your workout and remember, staying active is a journey we're all on together!

Active Northumberland

If you're just getting into exercise or thinking about being more active, remember something everyday is better than nothing at all. 

Need some help getting started? Book an Elevate session today - one our fitness experts will help you set goals, create a fitness plan and help keep you on track.

Also check out our 5 top tips to get your fitness started article for that extra little boost of motivation.

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