01 November 23

Keep warm at our centres this winter!

Active Northumberland

Warm Space Initiative

We’re delighted to announce that Active Northumberland will be supporting Northumberland County Council's Warm Space initiative this winter. 

Warm spaces are places accessible to the public where they can come in and enjoy a warm, welcoming, social and safe environment. These warm spaces mean lower heating costs for the public whilst helping to reduce feelings of isolation, promote social interaction and a sense of community. 

A network of warm spaces have already been established across Northumberland as part of the initiative, including community centres, church halls, libraries as well as our Active Northumberland leisure centres. 

Ponteland Cafe Seating Area

A warm space at Active Northumberland

So what does a warm space look like at Active Northumberland? 

As part of the ‘Warm Space’ initiative at Active Northumberland, members of the public are welcome to:

  • Access seating areas at ANY of our centres across Northumberland (without having to purchase anything)
  • Enjoy some warmth without having to use their own heating 
  • Receive a warm welcome from our staff 
  • Use our free WIFI available at our centres 
  • Charge up electrical devices such as laptops and mobiles  
  • Check out our noticeboards for more information about our sociable community groups such as our FREE Active Northumberland walking groups 


You will see ‘Warm Space’ stickers and posters around our centres to remind you that you’re invited to use our warm, safe and social spaces this winter. 

We look forward to welcoming you..warmly! 

Hive Cafe Concordia Cramlington
Hive Cafe Seating At Workspace At Wentworth Leisure Centre
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