05 January 23

Get fit with a friend

Get Fit With A Friend Blog
Active Northumberland

by Andrew Pearson, Advanced Fitness Instructor at Active Northumberland

Looking to get back to your health and wellness routine? Why not meet up with a friend and make a plan to exercise together.

It’s always more fun getting fit with a friend – you can encourage each other, help each other out and most of all make a commitment to go together! You’re less likely to cancel if your friend is relying on you!

Let’s blast those January blues and find a fitness routine that you both love to do together!

Active Northumberland

7 Great reasons to get fit with a friend

  • Pack Gym Bag

    You'll go more often!

    You’re more likely to go if you agree to go with a friend as you won’t want to let each other down.

  • Couple Taking Selfie In Gym

    It's more fun with two!

    Having someone to enjoy a friendly chat between exercises will make the time fly and make it more of a social occasion.

  • AquafitPoolFitnessClassInNorthumberland

    Share your fitness favourites

    Even if you have the same goal you probably like doing different things – so you can share your routine and introduce each other to new things.

  • ZumbaFitnessClassinNorthumberland

    Do something new!

    Ever fancied going to clubbercise but haven’t felt brave enough to go it alone? Jump in with a friend and enjoy getting fit while you have a boogie.

  • BadmintonIndoorSportsCourtinNorthumberland

    Enjoy some friendly competition!

    Whether your playing badminton, comparing laps of the pool or distance on the treadmill, you can egg each other on to do that little bit more and make the most of the time in the gym.

  • High Five Couple Working Out

    Share your achievements

    It feels so good having someone around to congratulate you when you reach a new goal. A friendly high five makes all the difference!

  • Thermal Spa Near Ashington

    Reward each others hard work.

    Pop for a coffee, go for a bowl or if you want to fully refresh pop to one of our Tranquillity spas for the ultimate post workout indulgence.

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