25 August 23

ELEVATE journey continues

ELEVATE Gym Induction

ELEVATE is our unique 3-step fitness pathway which is designed to help you focus on your fitness goals. But, don’t just take our word for it as every week some of our members have been sharing their journey with us.

Andrew shared an update with us this week during his summer holiday abroad.

“Currently I am paddleboarding in Gran Canaria, I've maintained focus on my goals despite the allure of the beach and beer.

Before my getaway, I regretted missing a functional training session but made up for it by joining an early Sunday session with David.

Sticking to my fitness regime, I've combined spinning, swimming, and calorie monitoring throughout the week. A pre-trip gym visit revealed an 8-pound weight loss—half a stone—over three weeks of mindful eating.

Unlike restrictive diets, this journey centers on calorie awareness, allowing food flexibility while driving progress. I’ve been embracing relaxation alongside daily exercises and reflecting my commitment to maintaining momentum.

Next week, I'm enthusiastic about returning home for more gym sessions and I've already got myself booked into classes to get right back into my routine. As I master paddleboarding and my fitness journey evolves, I encourage everyone to stay active and strive for their goals.

Until the next update, stay motivated and focused!”

To follow Andrew and our other members ELEVATE journeys, head to the Active Northumberland Facebook page for the weekly updates.

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