21 June 23

Elevate celebrates it's one year anniversary!


Thousands of Northumberland residents are healthier and fitter thanks to a new fitness programme that was introduced just one year ago.

Active Northumberland has seen over 4,000 customers take part in their Elevate fitness programme, which provides a specially tailored personal fitness plan with expert one-on-one support and guidance. 

Some of the fantastic results include lower body weight, lower blood pressure and resting heart rate, improved bone density, increased muscle mass and improved mobility and flexibility. 

Danielle Richardson joined the Elevate programme in February and is achieving fantastic results. She said: 

“I had previously been using the gym without a proper structure or programme so joined the Elevate programme with the goal of losing some body fat and gaining muscle. I was given a programme by my instructor that was manageable, enjoyable and achievable and we worked on exercise technique to get the most out of my sessions. 

“Fast forward four months and I have achieved my fitness goals. I now have a new set of targets and Kayleigh my instructor continues to mix up my programmes to keep exercising fun and interesting. It’s been fantastic for both my physical and mental health and I would recommend the elevate programme to anybody.” 

Danielle Website
Active Northumberland

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