05 December 23

Active Northumberland Water Safety Week

Water Safety At Active Northumberland
Active Northumberland

Our next Water Safety Week is just around the corner, taking place  from 16th - 24th December 2023! This initiative goes beyond swimming lessons; it's about instilling a sense of resilience and safety awareness in our young participants whilst they enjoy the water.

Empowering through Water Safety Lessons

Our swimming lessons aim to nurture not just swimming skills but also life-saving water safety knowledge. The lessons during Water Safety Week are specifically designed to allow children to earn their Water Safety Awards, crucial recognitions of their awareness and adaptability around water.

Structured Learning for All Stages

Children in different stages will have lessons tailored to their learning needs, each aiming to complete their respective Water Safety Award. The attire for each stage has been chosen to simulate real-life scenarios, enhancing the practical learning experience.

  • Stages 1 - 3: Regular swimwear, focusing on the foundations of safety awareness.
  • Stages 4 - 6: Light clothing over swimwear, introducing adaptive safety skills.
  • Stages 7 & 8: Full clothing over swimwear, mastering advanced safety and self-rescue skills.

Why Water Safety is Paramount

Water safety is integral to the national curriculum, emphasising its importance from a young age. The lessons taught extend beyond the swimming pool, preparing children to be aware of the varying conditions and challenges of different water environments, from paddling pools at home to the unpredictable open waters.

The ability to swim and the knowledge of water safety are not instinctive; they must be learned and practised. And it’s not just about avoiding accidents; it’s about empowering individuals to manage risks effectively, to recognise potential dangers, and to respond efficiently in water-based situations.

Join Us in Promoting Water Safety!

We hope you support us in implementing the Water Safety Awards and encourage your children to participate actively. These lessons are stepping stones to developing responsible, aware, and resilient individuals, capable of enjoying water environments safely and confidently.

For those interested, Water Safety Awards are available to purchase from reception.

Let’s embrace this opportunity to make water safety a priority, to learn, and to share good practices with our communities. See you at the pool!

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