09 August 23

6 top fitness classes to boost your mental wellbeing

Active Northumberland

Did you know that people who take part in regular physical activity have a 30% lower risk of depression? (Source: Mental Health UK). Exercise is proven to release feel good chemicals called endorphins which boost our mood and make us feel good. 

There are also many other ways getting active can help with our mental health such as better concentration, sleeping better and feeling more motivated.

Group fitness such as walking groups and exercise classes are also a great way to socialise and build connections with others, again making us feel good (more on this below!). 

Lindsey Humble Advanced Fitness Instructor at Active Northumberland says:

‘We have a wide variety of fitness classes here at Active Northumberland. These classes have huge benefits for our bodies; reduction in body fat, muscle gain, core strength, improves flexibility, but most importantly they bring the feel-good factor. The energy, the music, the people, friends we make along the way, this all contributes to improving our mental wellbeing'.

Active Northumberland

The Top 6!

We know that everyone is different and that sometimes it’s just about finding the perfect class for you.

We've 100’s of fitness classes across all of our centre’s to choose from - find the class that works for you and help boost your mental wellbeing.

Not sure which class is the best one for you? We’ve wrapped up 6 of our top classes which will help give your mental wellbeing a spring clean.

  • ZumbafitnessclassinNorthumberland2

    1. Zumba

    One of our most popular classes:

    • Dance yourself fit while having fun.
    • Try different routines - Samba to Salsa, Hip Hop to Martial Arts.
    • The 'feel good' atmosphere, music and instructors will uplift you!
  • YogafitnessclassinNorthumberland2

    2. Yoga

    A firm favourite with our members for a reason:

    • Improves strength, balance and flexibility.
    • Promotes a restful mind through breathing techniques.
    • Movements are gentle, ideal for those getting back into fitness.
  • LesMillsBodyBalanceGroupFitnessNorthumberland

    3. Bodybalance

    Achieve some 'Zen' in your life:

    • Combines a mix of calming Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.
    • Improve core strength, posture and flexibility.
    • Our instructors are on hand to guide you through the class.
  • AquafitPoolFitnessClassInNorthumberland

    4. Aquafit

    Our water-based class with a loyal following:

    • Low impact class ideal for those with health conditions such as arthritis.
    • The atmosphere, music and instructors will make you feel good!
    • It's a social class - ideal to meet others!
  • Cycle Studio Near Berwick

    5. Studio cycling

    Our group cycling class will:

    • Help pedal out that stress at your own pace.
    • Get the endorphins pumping to boost your mood.
    • Keep you motivated with energetic music and instructors!
  • LesMillsBodyCombatClassesInNorthumberland

    6. Bodycombat

    A higher intensity class which will:

    • Release stress - punch and kick your way to fitness!
    • Motivate you with our energetic music and instructors.
    • Burn calories (up to 740 per class) and tone muscles.
Active Northumberland

These are just a small selection of fitness classes at Active Northumberland that can help you reduce stress, feel more relaxed, boost your mood and feel good! They are also perfect for those just starting out on their fitness journey. 

To find out more information on other classes available at Active Northumberland click HERE.

Happy feel good!

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