10 August 23

5 top tips to get your fitness started

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The Top 5!

Need a little help getting started? Many people feel like they need some support when first starting out on their fitness journey so don’t feel like you’re alone! 

Here’s 5 top tips below which may make things that little bit easier.

1. Start small

Even if you’re thinking about being more active or are in the early stages of your fitness journey, taking small steps into fitness by doing some physical activity is better than doing none.

Did you know only 10 mins of moderate exercise a day can still work wonders for your mind and body? Activities such as brisk walking are a great step into being more active.

Sport You Enjoy (1)

2. Think about the things you love

Getting involved in activities you enjoy and find fun are key to keeping motivated.

This might be a dance class like Zumba, a brisk walk with a friend, a team sport such as 5-a-side football or even a swim with the family.


3. Goal setting

Before getting active make sure you know what you are looking to achieve from being more active. For example, do you want to feel healthier, lose weight or build strength? Do you have a specific occasion to aim for such as a holiday or a wedding?

Also have a think about what you might do to stay motivated. Need a little help to get on track?

Here at Active Northumberland we have a 3-step fitness pathway called Elevate to help our members set clear and realistic goals and stay on track. 

Exercise With A Friend (1)

4. Train with a friend

Training with a friend helps keep you motivated during the sessions. It can also make you less likely to miss a session as you won’t want to let them down.

Read our Get Fit with a Friend blog to find out more about how to get the most out of training with a buddy!

Mix It Up (1)

5. Don't put pressure on yourself

Finally, don't put pressure on yourself especially when you are first starting on your fitness journey.

Fitness levels take time to build so make sure you are building up fitness intensity and frequency over time - remember, start small and build up from there. 

Need some help creating a plan? Our 3-step fitness programme, Elevate is ideal for those wanting to set a realistic and achievable fitness plan with the support of our expert fitness instructors.

Active Northumberland

Remember, trying to keep exercise fun is key to keep motivated on your fitness journey - bringing along a friend, taking in part in activities you enjoy most and goal setting will all help you stay on track.

It's so important not to do too much too quickly - you are much more likely to take part in fitness in the longer term if you're realistic with what you are wanting to achieve when first starting out.

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