• Les Mills Body Attack Classes In Northumberland

    Les Mills workouts

    Fitness classes and high intensity training set to the hottest music.

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The power of group exercise

  • Lesmillsbodycombatfitnessclassadditional1


    Les Mills high energy workout - punch and kick your way to fitness!

  • Les Mills The Trip Classes In Northumberland

    The Trip

    Les Mills workout experience combining multi-peak cycling with a journey through digitally-created worlds.

  • Les Mills Body Attack Classes In Northumberland3


    Les Mills class combining athletic moves with strength exercises to deliver results.


    GRIT Strength

    Les Mills HIIT class to improve strength, cardiovascular fitness and build muscle.

  • Les Mills Body Balance In Northumberland6


    Les Mills class combining Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi. Helps build strength and improve flexibility.

  • Bodypump


    Les Mills barbell workout for anyone who is looking to get lean...fast!

  • Les Mills Grit Classes In Northumberland

    GRIT Cardio

    Les Mills HIIT class to improve cardiovascular fitnessspeed and maximise calorie burn.

  • GRIT Athletic 2 Les Mills

    GRIT Athletic

    Les Mills HIIT class to increase your overall athletic performance.

  • Lesmillscorefitnessclass4


    Les Mills Core class to build strength and stability in the core.

  • Lesmillsshbaminnorthumberland4


    Les Mills dance class for an all over body workout and a lot of fun!

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