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Our people

Our people are our most valuable asset. Helping us build a welcoming, fun and friendly environment to maximise our customers' enjoyment of our facilities.

Active Northumberland

Our collective values

We believe everyone should feel comfortable coming into our centres where we build a culture focused around fun, inclusion and trust.

  • Aquafit Fitness Classes Near Cramlington

    Making fitness fun

    Making the most of every opportunity to engage customers and colleagues in the things they love. Making health and wellbeing fun.

  • Accessible Swimming In Berwick

    Always inclusive

    Making everyone feel part of our family. Creating products, activities and services that reach, engage and support as many people as possible.

  • Gym Instructor Available

    Building trust

    Building open and honest relationships to create an environment where employees feel valued and customers feel comfortable everyday.

Active Northumberland

Working at Active

We have a high variety of full time and part time roles within the business and encourage everyone to pursue personal development as part of their career with us.

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