Berwick Sports And Leisure Centre

We're active on environment

Working towards Northumberland County Council’s strategy to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Active Northumberland

Our Strategy

The key objectives to reduce our environmental footprint are:

  • Benchmarking Our Usage At Active

    Benchmarking usage

    Regularly reviewing our energy and water usage, and waste consumption, to identify and implement energy reduction measures.

  • Reducing Consumption At Active

    Reducing consumption

    Establishing working practices and procurement processes that support our reduction targets and have appropriate  reporting mechanisms.

  • Working Together At Active

    Working together

    Helping everyone understand the role they can play in helping us reduce our impact upon the environment.

Active Northumberland

Our Initiatives

2023 will see us reducing our carbon footprint by 10%

We are committed to working towards a net zero in carbon emissions by 2030

Paul Metcalfe, Director of Operations

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