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14 Jan

New Year New You

New Year New You

If you feel you’ve overindulged during the festive period and the long winter nights and want to achieve a healthier lifestyle in 2022, then why not sign up to Active Northumberland’s free weight management programme to achieve lasting weight loss and wellbeing. 

The unique 12-week course called Momenta has been developed by experts in the fields of nutrition, physical activity and psychology, and is based on the latest scientific evidence. The programme helps participants to start and maintain healthier habits and to introduce realistic lifestyle goals to achieve a healthy weight.  

You will also learn about the key factors that contribute to weight gain and why so many methods of ‘dieting’ fail in the long term. The programme consists of weekly, one hour classroom-based sessions and an optional exercise element. 

The programme, supported by Northumberland County Council’s public health service, and funded by the government, is available in leisure centres around the county.  

It is open to adults in Northumberland who are interested in losing weight and getting fitter and healthier with a body mass index (BMI) of over 30kg/m2 .  

If you’re not sure about your BMI you can check it by visiting: 

For the last two years Active Northumberland has been working with Northumberland County Council Public Health team and their wider partners to create a joint and long-lasting approach to tackling obesity and to support residents to achieve a healthier weight.   Previously people had to be referred by their GP or health practitioner to join the course. Now they can sign up themselves. 

Northumberland County Councillor, Jeff Watson cabinet member for Healthy Lives said: 

 “Most of us struggle with our weight from time to time, especially in our advancing years.  However, being overweight or obese significantly increases a person's risk of having a stroke, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes so it is really important to try and maintain a healthy weight. 

“This weight loss service is both free and widely accessible. We hope local people who want to make positive changes to their health and who need some extra advice and support to manage their weight do reach out and contact Active Northumberland.  The course does work and has had some fantastic results with many residents going on to lead healthier and happier lives as a result. “ 


Mark Warnes, Chief Executive of Active Northumberland, said:  

“We have a well-qualified, passionate and very friendly team who are ready to help residents to maintain a healthy weight.  Physical activity is a part of our wider programme and if participants wish we will help them to find an exercise routine that they enjoy, and which works for them; this might be in one of our great leisure facilities or with friends in a community setting.” 

If you are interested in taking part, please email 

Or you can sign up to the programme at 

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