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19 Apr

Exercise class for new mums launching in Alnwick

Exercise class for new mums launching in Alnwick

A new exercise class aimed at helping new mams to get back into exercise and supporting their emotional wellbeing after the birth of their baby is being launched at Willowburn Sports & Leisure Centre in April. 

Mamatone is part of Active Northumberland’s popular Mams on the Move programme. Classes are designed to help encourage women into safe, effective exercise classes and reap the physical, social and mental health benefits this brings. What’s more, babies can be brought along too so there is no need for childcare. 

The class will provide a full body workout to suit each individual’s ability post birth. The class will contain both cardio and toning exercises using hand weights, body resistance and even your little one!  All exercises are safe and specifically designed for postnatal women. At the end of the session there will be a 15-minute baby sing song for those who have brought their babies along. 

The MamaTone class is being run by a fully qualified Instructor who will keep the new mums right with the correct safety advice and tips for their individual stage postpartum. 

Active Northumberland Wellbeing Coordinator, Jemma Burt said: 

“Many women are unclear about the type and amount of exercise that is appropriate during and after pregnancy, while time and childcare commitments mean that many women don’t prioritise activity for themselves. 

“We’ve had some really positive feedback from the new mums who have taken part in the programme in other parts of the county. They’ve told us that as well as the exercise, the social element has been crucial as it has enabled them to get out of the house, meet and talk to other mums and share their experiences about the highs and lows of early motherhood.” 

“ If you are able to join us, please do. We’ve a great community of friendly mams and mams-to-be who are all in a similar situation and so they get great strength and support from each other.” 

The classes will run every Thursday between 10.30-11.30 am starting April 28. Classes cost £4 per session and are bookable on the Active Northumberland app. 

 If you haven't attended a Mams on the Move class, please enrol with Active Northumberland Wellbeing Co-ordinator Jemma Burt at 

To join the friendly local community of mams please join the Mams on the Move Facebook Group 

To find out more about the classes and times go to 

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