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01 Jul

Meet Rachel our ante natal instructor!

Our Mams on the Move Programme started in November 2018 with help from a Sport England grant to help get new mams more active.

Our programme has always offered post natal classes for new mams from ‘Mams with Prams’ to ‘Core Stability’. However, during the pandemic we partnered up with Rachel Rafiefar ante natal specialist and Chair of the Guild of Pregnancy and Post natal Exercise Instructors to expand our offering to include online ante natal classes for mams-to-be who couldn’t attend face-to-face classes during this time. 

Since our ante natal classes started a few months ago, we've seen a supportive community of mams join us online from the comfort and safety of their own home. Our online classes have included Mamas Pilates™ , Mamas Yoga™ as well as a 6 week online Birth Preparation class designed to help mams-to-be (and their partners) feel more confident about their baby's arrival. 

Rachel is an engaging and highly experienced antenatal instructor and we are so pleased she is supporting us with our Mams on the Move programme. Let’s find out more about Rachel... 

‘Hi! I’m Rachel. I qualified as a Pilates teacher in 1989 which has led to a lifelong fascination with movement and the body. This has led me to train in other exercise modalities amongst which biomechanics coach and yoga are strong passions. I am currently an assessor and tutor with AIQ and guest lectures for other training schools.  

After the birth of my son, I became fascinated with the process of birth and how exercise can help women through this changing time in their lives. I went on to train as an Antenatal Educator at Luton University with the NCT and combined her two passions together to create Move to Birth, Mamas Pilates and Yoga.  

As the Chair of the Guild of Pregnancy and postnatal Exercise Instructors I have been working with Active Northumberland to reach out into all parts of Northumberland. I love to work with pre and post natal women and support them through this special time in their lives. I have a strong focus on breathing, empowerment and helping women find their way through pregnancy, birth and motherhood’ 


We’ve had some great feedback from some of the mams-to-be that have attended Rachel's classes and birth preparation classes.  

CLICK HERE to read some some of the lovely comments we’ve received.

To find out more information about Rachel's online antenatal classes and how to book, visit our Mams on the Move page HERE

You can join our friendly Mams on the Move Facebook community for new mams and mams-to-be HERE

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