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27 May

How to stay physically active whilst at home?

It's now been at least 9 weeks for many of you who have not been able to hit the gym, dip in the pool or power through that weekly fitness class.

Like many others we moved quickly to support our members to be able to continue to exercise at home with online workouts from our team and through our fantastic partners at Future Fit, Les Mills and MyZone.

For many of us, exercise is THE routine for our days and weeks whether it was those early risers, afternoon movers or our twilight swimmers - we want to do it as it's more than just a workout but release, to socalise or lift our mood after a hard day at the office.

Whilst we are seeing the ease of restrictions across the country, the fitness industry is still no further forward on understanding when we can welcome our members back.

However, be assured that we are busy already focusing on ensuring that our gyms, swimming pools, fitness studios and other spaces will be safe and enjoyable places to visit, when the time is right. 

It is why, we continue to promote the importance of physical activity at this time, which is arguablly more important than ever as we all look to ensure we are healthy.

So, how about we move the goal posts?

Rather than the need or desire to train let's focus on staying active in whichever way we can.

Let's not set lofty goals and personal bests, or feel the need to spend ££££ on weights and gym kit but instead just find little ways to easily keep ACTIVE in our daily routine

So, what can you do?

  • Go for a walk, explore your local area and appreciate what is on your doorstep

  • Climb up and down the stairs in your home

  • Making phone calls? Do these as you walk around or stand

  • At a TV ad break, get up and move, do some stretches - anything before you sit back and enjoy your favourite show again

These are simple things we can all do to stay active, everyday and remember if you are looking for something a little more we have you covered with a number of workouts right here

Thanks to Future Fit for providing the information - Read in full here

Download the app and get active!