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11 Jun

4 Pillars to Your Wellness

In our wellness there are four pillars to leading a healthy lifestyle. Each pillar is as important as one another, without all 4, our Wellness can not be as great as it can be.”

We are launching a new series of blogs from our team who discuss an important topic to them, we begin with Andrew who outlines the importance of wellness for us all and how we can see this through a 4 pillar approach.


1. Movement

Our exercise, day to day activity, it all adds up enabling us to stay functional and have better mobility. 

There are many forms of movement, when it comes to exercising, do something you enjoy and will feel benefits from. Afterall, where else in life would we stick with something we simply don’t enjoy?

If you like  running, go for a run, enjoy playing tennis go play tennis, enjoy lifting weights and moving in functional patterns in a circuit format, go do that. You see where I’m going with this….

If it's something you enjoy, you are more likely to be consistent with your routine and won't feel your exercise is a ‘chore’. 

Where I can come in, as a fitness instructor, is to work with you to tailor your own programme which achieves your personal goals.

We would then review your programme together to enable you to achieve a consistent training routine, which incorporates those machines and exercises you are comfortable with and enjoy to use.

2. Nutrition

"Food is Fuel"

We need to give our body whatever it requires in order to function as best as possible.

Having a healthy balanced nutritional behaviour that is sustainable is by far the best way forward.

No ‘Die-t’ lasts... begin with a gradual change to a nutritional behaviour.

Our Momenta weight management programme does just exactly this, I work with the clients to assess and challenge their own behaviour and we gradually include more healthy habits which will last in the long term and enable you to “stay on track”.

Rather than jumping into an exceedingly ridiculous diet where you are constantly hungry and craving your favourite foods...  can you keep it up after a few weeks? Nine times out of ten for most people - no.

Again, we have to remove the mindset of a healthy lifestyle being a chore, instead once we have changed our behaviour it becomes the norm as we go about our lives.

You can still eat nice food and enjoy it, whilst having a meaningful weekly nutrition plan. 

3. Recovery

"Take a break"

Your muscles need to rebuild, our body and mind to rest, focus and reset.

This all enables us to review our status to progress, allows us to be better. 

Remember, it's not all about sleep either!

Have you ever had a week off from your consistent workout routine and then returned to the gym or exercise class and absolutely smashed your session? YES! 

It shows good things can come from listening to your body and not pushing it 100 mph all the time. Take a Break.

Re-evolve into something greater than before.

4. Mindset

"Thoughts become things. I'm a firm believer in creating a positive outlook on life"

Let’s apply this same mindset even with something small - like your gym workout - we can evolve that thought into something even greater and make it happen. 

The body achieves what the mind believes! 

You just have to decide whether it's one day or day one, but then realise it's a process, brick by brick. Success takes time. 

A task for you right now after hopefully sticking with me in my blog.

Write down three ways you can strive to become more positive, and go try them.

It's not one way works for everyone, trial and error, but once you’ve found what works for how great you will feel and do!

Well that's all from me for now, thanks for taking the time to hear my thoughts. I'll leave you with one final question for you to take away:

What do you need to do differently in order to pin up your 4 pillars to create better wellness for yourself?

If you need advice and support. Our team at Active Northumberland are here to help, just get in touch!

Written by:
Andrew Pearson
Advanced Fitness Instructor
Blyth Sports Centre

Find a range of workouts you can even do at home from Andrew on our YouTube Channel here

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