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31 Jul

My first gym session back, where do I start?

The time has come - WE’RE BACK!!

Yes following procedures but at least we can get back to some normality with your training.

With restrictions in place - we need to make sure that the time we have in the gym, we use the best we can.

In order to do this, it requires an efficient gym plan. Read on below as I share with you the most important starting point.


BUT FIRST… What's your goal?

Weight (Fat) Loss?
Improve Fitness Level?
Gain Muscle Mass?
Become Stronger?

Let's break it down - using what we call ‘SMART Goals’ - which is an acronym.

  • S - Specific… e.g. Shed Body Fat
  • M - Measurable… e.e.g Tanita Reading (Full Body Analysis), Visual with ‘Before/ After’ Pics; Waist- Hip Measurements
  • A - Attainable… e.g. lose minimum 1 lb per week initially
  • R - Relevant… e.g. half a stone lost in 6 weeks with visible changes; measurements reduced
  • T - Time Specific… e.g. Train X5 time per week, sessions lasting 45 mins each

By breaking your goal (s) down allows you to set short and long term goals that are attainable and realistic. As well as gives a good understanding of how you can then work towards your goal (s).

Need help setting your goals? From Monday 3rd August we are welcoming our members to book a 1 - 1 consultation with one of our team where they will help you develop a training programme for YOU. Book now via the Active Northumberland app or speak to one of our fitness team

Download the app and get active!