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03 Aug

Welcome Back Swimmers

Great News!

We are now in a position to welcome back more of you to our pools as we welcome back our Pay as You Go customers to Take the Plunge in one of our swimming pools across Northumberland.

Read on for the full details, but the quick takeaway is:

  • You need to prebook and will need a member ID and Pin. If not already, register here and prebook your sessions via the Active Northumberland app or website
  • You must pay for your session in full, once booked we offer no refunds or transfers
  • We offer Lane Swim, Swim for All and Accessible Swim sessions
  • Children are welcome in Swim for all sessions, for Lane Swimming you must be 14yrs+ unless accompanied in the lane swim session by a responsible adult
  • When you arrive to the centre, please follow all information and guidance to ensure our centres are #SafeToExercise



It’s been fantastic to welcome back our members to our centres this last week. It’s new ground for all of us and it’s fair to say we have taken a conservative approach with the measures we have in place.

We love to see that so many more people wish to come to our centres and that there are many of you who like to visit us on a more casual basis through our Pay as You Go admission. 

We are pleased to share that we are now in a position to open our pools to the wider public, meaning non members can also take the plunge in pools across the county.

Pre booking will still be required, members can book 7 days in advance with non members able to book 1 day in advance, however please be aware our pools are currently only for lane swimming and that our procedures are in place to ensure everyone can exercise safely.

All you need to do is:

  1. Register an account with us at , make sure you include a valid email as you will be sent a member ID and pin within 1 hour of completing registration. Read the full guide on how further below this page.

  2. You must pre book your session and pay in full if a non member. Be aware no refunds or transfers are possible once your booking is made.

  3. With your details, book your session via the Active Northumberland app or website

  4. We are still only operating lane only swimming with reduced occupancy. There will be no Fun for All, play features or slides in operation at our sites

  5. On the day of your booking, please arrive at the centre ready for your session. Ideally we encourage you to wear your swimming costume underneath your clothing. Please watch our video to understand the systems in place here.

  6. On your first visit you will need to check in with our reception team, who will issue you with a Card or Band which you can use for future visits for a faster check in at our kiosks.

  7. Please follow all onsite signage and guidance to ensure everyone can exercise safely

  8. Enjoy your swim 

Please ensure you read full information and guidance on the measures we have in place at our centre on our website at

Before getting in touch, please check out the FAQ's we have compiled to help you - 

I wish to unfreeze my account so I can book sessions in again at your centres
Please call (01670 620200) or email the Contact centre ( and we happily unfreeze this for you, please note we will require a pro rata for December.

Will you be reducing membership prices due to no fitness classes?
We are not issuing refunds at this stage as we feel we are still delivering a service for our customers. We appreciate this may not suit everyone we are doing the best we can under the restrictions. We appreciate your support. Please try our online classes with more details available on the Active Northumberland Facebook page

Are swimming lessons back on? 
Yes, our lessons have resumed from Thursday 6th December. Your child should attend the same session they were placed into before we had to stop lessons for our facility closures in November.

I previously froze my membership with you, why have I been charged in December?
When we first offered customers the opportunity to freeze their membership with us in Jul, we advised this woud be for a 3 month period whereby your membership would automatically be reinstated. 

Why can I not speak to anyone when calling?
We have had to reduce the hours of our team since November which we have continued to communicate in our emails, website and social media. Please ensure you are trying to reach our team between 8am - 2pm, Mon to Thurs. 

I wish to cancel my membership
We will be sorry to see you cancel your membership with us at this time. You can access information on cancelling your membership here
Do be aware that we require 30 days notice for cancellation as per our contract with you, at which time you will still have to pay for our services with no refunds to be issued. 


To register to use Active Northumberland facilities on a Pay as You Go basis please follw the instructions below:

1.  Navigate to or click the link

2. Choose the site you are most likely to use from the drop down, note that once registered you are able to use any site and don't need to register more than once

3. Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions, if happy make sure you to tick the box to acknowlege your acceptance

4. Select "Not Applicable" for company name

5. Select Pay As You Go (PAYG) membership from the options which should appear below

6. Hit the next button

7. On the next screen you will be asked to enter your personal information

REMEMBER, supply a valid email address so we can send your login ID and PIN to book online. This should arrive with 1 hour of completing your registration, which will be the 2nd email after confirmation of completing registration

8. Review your details. Agree to DFC terms and Conditions. Click Next.

9. You will then recieve an email confirming your registration from DFC, this contains a reference number which you should keep for your records.

10. Within 1 hour of receiving your DFC email, you will receive a second email from us at Active Northumberland which contains your Member ID and Password. 

11. Download the Active Northumberland app or use the website to book your session

Please note that to access the new Ponteland Leisure Centre, non members / PAYG users will have to purchase a wristband on their first visit from reception to access the facilities.

If you run into any issues, please contact our team on 01670 620200 or send us a message on our social media channels

Members can now book 14 days in advance, with non members (Pay as you Go) able to book up to 7 days in advance.

Sessions last 45 minutes, we encourage customers to have 15 minutes post swim changing time where possible to ensure our team have time to clean.

Swimming pools are currently open in the following centres:

  • Ashington Leisure Centre
  • Blyth Sports Centre
  • Concordia Leisure Centre
  • Riverside Leisure Centre, Morpeth
  • Ponteland Leisure Centre
  • Prudhoe Waterworld
  • Rothbury Pool & Gym
  • Swan Centre, Berwick
  • Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham
  • Willowburn Sports & Leisure Centre, Alnwick

You will have to pre-book a lane on the Active Northumberland app. You will not be allowed into the centre if you have not pre-booked.

If booking Lane Swimming, for children under 14 years they must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the same lane as them.

When you come for your pre-booked swim, arrive on time, in your swmming costume/trunks ready for your swim. 

You may have to wait outside for a little while, but a member of our team will let you know when to come in.
Check in at the kiosk or at reception.

Use the hand sanitisers provided. 

Remove your footwear before coming into the changing rooms and bring them in with you to put in a locker.
Cubicles and lockers have been numbered. Swimmers must use the same numbered cubicle and locker.
Once you've changed, please take a quick pre-swim shower.

Follow the directions to your pre-booked lane. There will be signs at the end of each lane.

Once in the water, to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable swim, please follow these guidelines -

- Always follow the directional arrows for lanes 
- Avoid wide strokes like the butterfly
- Maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and other swimmers.
- Do not overtake.
- Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching. If there is, let them pass. Move to the edge of the lane and turn your head away to let them turn without stopping. The same applies if you need to stop for a rest or a drink.
- You can use personal equipment as long as it doesn’t affect social distancing.
- Bring your own pre-filled water bottle so you can stay hydrated.
- After your swim, leave the pool promptly following the exit signs.
- You can take a quick shower after your swim.
- Please use the same cubicle to get changed.

As time goes on, we will review and adapt all these measures, so please keep an eye on the app and website for updates.


All activities will have to be pre-booked on the Active Northumberland app or website. You will not be allowed into the centre if you have not pre booked.

Each person will be able to have a maximum of 3 activity slots booked at any one time. Once an activity has been attended, another activity slot can be booked.

Members can now book 14 days in advance, with non members (Pay as you Go) able to book up to 7 days in advance.

If you have lost your login details, please do check your emails including Junk / Spam folder for an email from us (Active Northumberland). If you still can't find, please contact us directly on our Active Northumberland Facebook page or email us at

Swimming Lessons will return to the majority of our pools, except Berwick and Rothbury from Thursday 3rd December.

Please read our web page which is accessed by clicking here for full information, FAQ's and an enquiry form if interested in swimming lessons.

Download the app and get active!