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20 Aug

Welcoming back more swimmers

UPDATED - We now offer Swim for All sessions at pools across Northumberland. Please download the Active Northumberland app to see availability and to book your session. Please follow latest guidelines available here

It's been a great few weeks as we have seen our Gyms, Pools, Sports Halls and Exercise Studios come alive once again with activity.

We must thank everyone for thier co-operation and patience during our early phase of opening as we work, together, through this "new normal".

We are now in a position to return with our Fun for All and Accessible Swim sessions, meaning now all the family can once again enjoy a splash in our pools at Concordia Leisure Centre, Prudhoe Waterworld and Swan Centre for Leisure initially.

We of course will have still have strict procedures in place, including requiring prebooking of your session. So why not download our app now and book?

Read on for full information, FAQ's and what to expect

WELCOME BACK - Fun for All sessions

‘Fun for All’ sessions are designed for families and children to enjoy a splash in our pools. Each ‘Fun for All’ session will have several restrictions to allow us to adhere to social distancing guidelines in the changing areas and pool.
Max swimmers per session: 8
Max families per session: 2
Max swimmers per family: 4
Normal adult:child ratios will apply, so please ensure under 7’s are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please also bear in mind that ‘Fun for All’ sessions may not be in the shallow end of the pool and that water play features and slides will not be available at this time.

WELCOME BACK - Accessible Swim sessions

Accessible swim sessions are for anyone with physical or mental disabilities or who may wish to use the pool for rehabilitation.
Max swimmers per session: 4
Please book individual slots.

We can’t wait to welcome back more swimmers, but before you dust off your cossies, as you would expect, strict safety and booking procedures are in place. These are detailed below in the FAQs.
*Please note that due to the layout at Prudhoe Waterworld, we are unable to offer accessible swim to Under 14s

Please note we longer are offering Private Pool Hire deal due to the change in government guidelines

What sessions do you now offer at your swimming pools?
We currently offer Lane Swimming and Swim for all sessions at our pools. 

What is Swim for All?
These sessions are open to anyone who wishes to enjoy a splash in the pool, perfect for children and families to enjoy. 

What is Accessible Swim?
There are so many benefits to being in the water and many people want to enjoy our pools outside of a lane swim environment. These sessions are great for those who just want to enjoy being in the water. These sessions are initially only available at Concordia Leisure Centre, Prudhoe Waterworld* and Swan Centre for Leisure.
*Please note Accessible Swim sessions at Prudhoe Waterworld are not suitable for those aged under 14 years old due to the area being within the Lane Swimming area.

What is Lane Swimming?
This is for those who wish to exercise by swimming up and down the pool (lengths). We offer different lane options such as Easy, Medium or Fast so please book a lane you feel comfortable in. Please do watch our video to find out more here
Please note that access to this session is for those aged 14 and over only, unless accompanied by a responsible adult in the same lane i.e a 12 year old can lane swim if an adult also attends with them.

Do I have to pre-book?
Yes. EVERYONE, including members, must pre-book all activities.
Members can now book 14 days in advance, with non members (Pay as you Go) able to book up to 7 days in advance.

How do I book?
All bookings can be made on the Active Northumberland app or the website. If you are a non-member you will need to register here . Once registered you will receive a login number and a PIN number that you can use to make bookings. 

How to Book a ‘Fun for All’ slot
The simplest way is to book through the Active Northumberland app, which allows you to book and pay for  activities across our centres, manage your bookings and recieve the latest news and information. You can also book online through our website or call us on 01670 620200 (please be aware you may face delays if calling us due to increased call volume)

How to book an ‘Accessible Swim’ slot
Accessible swim slots can be booked individually.

How do I pay?
Non-members will pay as part of the booking process on the app or website. 
If you are a member, you will receive additional discount of £4 as members recieve swimming inclusive of their membership already, but will still have to pay for other attendees in your group.

How long are sessions?
Your session will be for 45 minutes which may begin from when you enter building

Will there be other sessions in the pool at the same time?
Yes. The pool may be divided into ‘zones’ for lane swimming, Fun for All and Accessible Swim. All zones will have restricted numbers to help social distancing and to keep everyone safe.

Can I book myself into lane swim and let my children go into the ‘Fun for All’ by themselves?
Normal swimming rules apply, anyone over the age of 8 can go in the pool unaccompanied however please be aware that the water in the designated zone may not be shallow. 

Are the numbers in each session restricted?
Yes. We continue to ensure our facilities are safe places, so we must restrict the number of customers at a time to ensure effective social distancing can take place.

Why is there a limit to the number of people that can swim from the same family?
This is to help us keep everyone safe in the changing areas and in the pool. This restriction will be reviewed on a weekly basis in line with government guidelines.

Are play features and slides and toys available?
No. These won’t be available right now.

Can I bring my own water toys?

How will I know which area of the pool to go to?
We have clear signage and a member of the team will direct you.

How will you maintain distancing with other users of the pool?
We each have a responsibility to swim safely.  Please ensure that all members of your family follow instructions on our signage and from our staff.

Do I need to wear a face mask in your facility?
Yes you must wear a face covering whilst moving around our centre. When swimming you can remove this once into your changing cubicle.

Can I book a session for my children only? 
Yes. You can book a slot in ‘Fun for All’ as long as they are within your household or support bubble. Normal admission guidelines apply, so unaccompanied children must be 8 years+
Before booking, please be aware that the water in the designated zone may not be shallow. 

Am I able to watch/spectate the session?
No. We only have an allowance for a certain number of people in the centre at one time.

Will I be able to use showers?
Please only take a quick shower before and after your session. You should not wash hair etc. as we need you to vacate the swimming pool and changing village so that we can clean before our next session

Can I bring my baby?
Yes. You can bring your baby as part of the ‘Fun for All’ session.

Are pool inflatables available?
No not at this time.

Will you be selling swimming items such as goggles, toys and costumes etc.?
A small amount of items will be available in some centres, but this is not guaranteed and we do accept any returns. No toys will be allowed in the pool. Please pay for items by card as we are not accepting cash at this time. 

When will swimming lessons return?
Swimming lessons will return from Thursday 3rd December.

Can I book myself and my child into an Accessible Swim session?
Yes, however please be aware that you are in the deep end of the pool and will not be able to move to the shallow end at any time during your session.

How will you manage users in the pool if Accessilbe Swim, Fun for All and Lane Swimming are taking place?
The graphic below should give an illustrative example of how we will manage our pools, we are ensuring that there are strict maximum occupancy ratios in place.

To register to use Active Northumberland facilities on a Pay as You Go basis please follw the instructions below:

1.  Navigate to or click the link

2. Choose the site you are most likely to use from the drop down, note that once registered you are able to use any site and don't need to register more than once

3. Please ensure you read our Terms and Conditions, if happy make sure you to tick the box to acknowlege your acceptance

4. Select "Not Applicable" for company name

5. Select Pay As You Go (PAYG) membership from the options which should appear below

6. Hit the next button

7. On the next screen you will be asked to enter your personal information

REMEMBER, supply a valid email address so we can send your login ID and PIN to book online. This should arrive with 1 hour of completing your registration, which will be the 2nd email after confirmation of completing registration

8. Review your details. Agree to DFC terms and Conditions. Click Next.

9. You will then recieve an email confirming your registration from DFC, this contains a reference number which you should keep for your records.

10. Within 1 hour of receiving your DFC email, you will receive a second email from us at Active Northumberland which contains your Member ID and Password. 

11. Download the Active Northumberland app or use the website to book your session

Please note that to access the new Ponteland Leisure Centre, non members / PAYG users will have to purchase a wristband on their first visit from reception to access the facilities.

If you run into any issues, please contact our team on 01670 620200 or send us a message on our social media channels

Members can now book 14 days in advance, with non members (Pay as you Go) able to book up to 7 days in advance.

Sessions last 45 minutes, we encourage customers to have 15 minutes post swim changing time where possible to ensure our team have time to clean.

Swimming pools are currently open in the following centres:

  • Ashington Leisure Centre
  • Blyth Sports Centre
  • Concordia Leisure Centre
  • Riverside Leisure Centre, Morpeth
  • Ponteland Leisure Centre
  • Prudhoe Waterworld
  • Rothbury Pool & Gym
  • Swan Centre, Berwick
  • Wentworth Leisure Centre, Hexham
  • Willowburn Sports & Leisure Centre, Alnwick

You will have to pre-book a lane on the Active Northumberland app. You will not be allowed into the centre if you have not pre-booked.

If booking Lane Swimming, for children under 14 years they must be accompanied by a responsible adult in the same lane as them.

When you come for your pre-booked swim, arrive on time, in your swmming costume/trunks ready for your swim. 

You may have to wait outside for a little while, but a member of our team will let you know when to come in.
Check in at the kiosk or at reception.

Use the hand sanitisers provided. 

Remove your footwear before coming into the changing rooms and bring them in with you to put in a locker.
Cubicles and lockers have been numbered. Swimmers must use the same numbered cubicle and locker.
Once you've changed, please take a quick pre-swim shower.

Follow the directions to your pre-booked lane. There will be signs at the end of each lane.

Once in the water, to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable swim, please follow these guidelines -

- Always follow the directional arrows for lanes 
- Avoid wide strokes like the butterfly
- Maintain appropriate social distance between yourself and other swimmers.
- Do not overtake.
- Before pushing off at each turn, check to see if anyone faster is approaching. If there is, let them pass. Move to the edge of the lane and turn your head away to let them turn without stopping. The same applies if you need to stop for a rest or a drink.
- You can use personal equipment as long as it doesn’t affect social distancing.
- Bring your own pre-filled water bottle so you can stay hydrated.
- After your swim, leave the pool promptly following the exit signs.
- You can take a quick shower after your swim.
- Please use the same cubicle to get changed.

As time goes on, we will review and adapt all these measures, so please keep an eye on the app and website for updates.


Swimming Lessons will return to the majority of our pools, except Berwick and Rothbury from Thursday 3rd December.

Please read our web page which is accessed by clicking here for full information, FAQ's and an enquiry form if interested in swimming lessons.

Download the app and get active!