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09 Nov

Exercise on Referral Testimonials

Exercise on Referral Testimonials

Victoria Winlow

Approximately 7 months or so ago I made an appointment to see my GP. 

My weight was negatively impacting on my mood, but of course my mood was also contributing to my weight gain!! A vicious circle that I was firmly locked inside.

I exercised my right as a patient (who is off course always correct) and asked for a prescription for "that tablet", you know, the one that makes you skinny overnight. Much to my horror I was informed by my GP that "that tablet" is just a myth and doesn’t actually exist. As the tears welled up in my eyes and I began to drag my, more than ample frame out of the consulting room chair, the GP said there may be a way she could help me after all. My tears retracted back into their comfy ducts and I eagerly anticipated what she was going to say. Gastric band? Hypnosis to believe chocolate was evil? Free NHS liposuction?...

…..and then she said that there was a scheme she could refer me onto at my local sports centre that might help me shed the pounds and have the added bonus of helping with my mood.

Hmmmmm, I thought for a moment.

Well "OK" I said, getting over my expectations of a bikini body by bedtime! My GP made the referral and I left the surgery actually feeling really positive that things would soon be better while I waited to start the scheme.

Now, in the relatively short time that I waited for my first assessment, my mood, which was initially very positive, took a downward turn. Despite this, I complied with attending my first appointment...which, I have to say was painless. Then I was given a start date...for…NEXT WEEK!

As the days went on and I approached the looming start date, I began to think "How am I possibly going to do this? I am totally unmotivated and it’s just the wrong time" Oh yes, that little voice in my head was putting in some serious overtime. Every possible excuse was coming to mind in an attempt to delay my starting the scheme. 

The day arrived and I was due to meet Dan in the Gym at 6.30. I got as far as the bottom of the stairs and looked up at the mountain I felt that I would have to climb to get to the top. With both hands on the rails and a heavy heart I managed, with all my might, to heave my “heavy bones” up the stairs to the door of the Gym. With a deep breath and a massive frown, in I went.

I looked around at this alien environment, feeling like an alien in it. Machines, music, sweat, red faces and a lot of beautiful bottoms! I scanned the room, feeling rather uncomfortable and out of place. Bewildered and just about to turn on my heals and make a sprint for the door I caught sight of a strapping young fellow, Mick. With a warm greeting and a big smile I was welcomed into my new fitness family.

I can honestly say from that first day I have never looked backed. With the support of Dan and Mick keeping my programme on track and with warm encouragement from Nicky, Lindsay and the rest of the staff I managed to get through the following 24 weeks.
Being honest again, I have to say that there were times throughout the next 24 weeks that the little voice in my head would pay a visit. Never tiring of coming up with more and more excuses. “Don’t go tonight”, “you’re not feeling the best”, “you have too much housework to do”, “it’s selfish spending this time away from home”, “you deserve a rest”.

I was able, for the most part anyway, to ignore the noisy little blighter chatting in my ear.
I told myself that what I actually deserve is to feel better about myself, be fitter, be healthier and be proud of achieving my goal.
The health start part of my journey is over and now it’s up to me to keep going. I feel so much better in many ways. I am slimmer, I can run around with my little boy, I have gone down two dress sizes and I feel fitter and stronger every day. I have also found that exercising has been massively beneficial for my mental health which is something I do struggle with a lot of the time. 

One thing that is bigger now is my ironing pile as I would much rather be at the gym than doing ironing. I may suggest they fit an ironing board to the treadmill or bike then I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone! What do you think Lindsay?

So now I am finished with the scheme and I am all alone, how will I keep motivated and keep turning up?
Well you see that’s the point. I won’t be alone. I will always have the support of Dan, Mick, Nicky, Lindsay and everyone else at the gym, who never make it feel that they are just doing a job. 

A wise friend told me something and I remind myself of it every time the little voice comes back for a chat. I tell myself this:

“I will NEVER regret going to the gym but I will ALWAYS regret it if I don’t go."

Lee's Story

More great results from our GP Referral Scheme.

Lee was referred to us in June by his GP as he was borderline diabetic and at risk of coronary heart disease.

He made use of the variety of exercise available, attending the gym, taking part in fitness classes and playing badminton.

As well as increasing his exercise, he also made a lot of changes to his diet including ditching the daily fizzy drinks. To date, he has lost an amazing four stone!

He says he now has a lot more energy and is enjoying playing with his children.

Well done Lee on what you have achieved in such a short space of time - keep up the good work!

David Love

Well done to David Love, the second of our winners of the Technogym ‘Let’s move for a better world’ challenge. The challenge has proven to have had a positive impact on David, he said: "I’m currently on the GP Referral Scheme because of high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes. It started as extra motivation to lose weight and become healthier, and hopefully to reduce the tablets I take."

‘By the end of the challenge I made a few new friends and it started to turn into a friendly competition between us to see who could finish higher. I also managed to lose 3 kilograms in weight since starting the challenge, so it had a positive impact on my health as well as making new friends.’

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