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Mams on the Move Testimonials

6 Week Birth Preparation Course (Online)

'We attended the antenatal class a few months before our little girl arrived. It was absolutely lovely to spend (virtual) time with other expecting couples who were experiencing and thinking and worrying about all the same things as us! Especially after the year we all had, it was nice to connect with others. Rachel was brilliant, really well informed and supportive! We highly recommend the antenatal and birthing course to any expecting parents, it will help build your confidence and although our birth was the exact opposite of what we’d hoped and planned for, the knowledge we’d gained helped us make decisions and stay calm when it mattered!’ 
Holly Maguire

'Me and my partner took part in the 6 week online antenatal classes a few months before our baby was due. Rachel was very friendly, supportive and highly knowledgeable. It was lovely connecting with other expecting parents who shared the same concerns and worries as us. 
The course helped us be prepared for labour & birth and any possible out come. I truly believe that the course helped me labour well at home learning different breathing techniques & how to stay calm. I felt safe and totally in control during my labour making it a wonderful experience'

Rebecca Boucheron 

'We enjoyed taking part in the 6 week Birth Prep course. It was nice that despite all of the current restrictions we were able to see other people and interact with them sharing our thoughts, worries and knowledge.  
Rachel was a very knowledgable trainer and was able to answer all of the questions we had.  
We learnt so much from the course.  Even though my own little baby’s birth was far from anything that we had talked about or could even plan for, I am still glad that we attended the course and we are grateful for all of the help and advice we were given.'

Danielle Liddle 

Mamas Pilates
Class (Online)

'I found the Pilates class helped me a lot during my labour. I was unable to get an epidural for 5 hours. I tried the gas and air but was unable to use it, as it made me sick. During those 5 hours without pain relief, I focused on the breathing techniques I learned during the antenatal Pilates class. It helped me cope with my contractions, especially as they came on quite quickly and were very strong. I'm very grateful for completing this class, as without the knowledge learned during it, I'm not sure I would have coped with my labour, for as long as I did!' 
Amanda Ternent  

Mams with Prams Class (Outdoor)

'There was no pressure when I attended. If I was tired, uncomfortable or baby was grizzly you weren't put on the spot to continue and everything was at your own pace.
Although we couldn't interact with each other as much as I assume you usually would, it was a nice safe amount of interaction after long bouts of isolation. The beach location also added to the experience, it was great just being outside in such a gorgeous and safe location - good for the mental health!'

Rachel Harper

6 Week Core Stability Course (Indoor)

'I was experiencing alot of lower back pain after my second child and, because of that, I was unable to resume my normal activities. I wanted to improve my core stability to allow me to recover.
The class made me feel amazing!!!! The 1 hour per week to focus on myself and my post partum recovery was great. The class gave exercises to do each day and I could feel myself getting stronger'

Carrie Rose

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