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Horse Riding

Horse Riding
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What is it?

Take advantage of the excellent Pegasus Centre in Morpeth by starting horse riding lessons. The specialist facility is for all but has been purpose built for riders with disabilities.

Why do it?

There are three parts of the centre available to horse riders, indoor, outdoor and an off-road trail to hone your skills and build your confidence in different settings. You’ll start with an initial assessment to allow you to get to know both horse and instructor so you feel comfortable. Our staff and volunteers are fully trained to assist riders of all abilities to ensure you have fun while you build your confidence on horseback.

Who is it for?

Our centre was designed specifically to suit the needs of riders with disabilities but this activity is open to anyone who wants to try horse riding.

What's provided

We provide all horse riding equipment.

What to bring

  • Comfortable sports clothing
  • Trainers
  • Drink
  • Book Online …Or call 01670 620 200

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