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Deep Water Aquafit

Deep Water Aquafit
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What is it?

Using a flotation belt to complete slow and gentle exercises, you’ll build core strength and improve flexibility in this pool-based class.

Why do it?

Your muscles will be working hard in the pool as they move against the resistance of the water. In a Deep Water Aquafit class, you’ll use a flotation belt so you won’t have to worry about staying afloat and can concentrate on the slow and controlled movements that will work all of your major muscle groups. This can lead to an increase in muscle strength and toning, as well as an improvement in balance and flexibility. Choose a centre below to book your class.

Who is it for?

This class is great for anyone who wants to use a water-based workout to aid in strength training.

Please read our pool safety policy here before attending.

​Please note, you must be 16 years old to attend a fitness class. 14 and 15-year-olds may attend if accompanied by an adult.

What to bring

  • Suitable swimming attire
  • Towel
  • Goggles (optional)
  • Nose plug (optional)
  • Book Online …Or call 01670 620 200

    Download the app and get active!