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A gentle push in the right direction!

In November 2018, Active Northumberland was awarded a Sport England grant to help new mams get active.

As a new mam, you might be unclear about the type and amount of exercise that is appropriate during and after pregnancy, or about the benefits that exercise can bring. Here at Active Northumberland we are keen to help support and encourage new mams to take part in exercise.

We offer a range of low cost ante natal and post natal 'Mams on the Move' classes which are specially designed for mams-to-be as well as new mams and are supervised, FUN and very sociable!

See below for class timetable, prices and more information about our Mams on the Move classes.

Class Timetable

Activity When Where Price
Core Stability
Mondays 10.30am
Starting 6th Jan
Blyth Sports Centre 6 Weeks
Book in advance
Blyth Mams with Prams Wednesdays 10.30am* Meet at Dave Stephens Centre,
Blyth Beach
per session
Just turn up
Ashington Mams with Prams Fridays 10.30am*

This session will be 11am-12pm on Friday 20th
Meet outside
Hirst Welfare Centre, Ashington
per session
Just turn up
Baby Total Tone Fridays 1.00pm
Blyth Sports Centre £3.00
per session
Book in advance
Baby Total Tone Wednesday 1-2pm Wellway Medical Centre, Lynemouth FREE
Book in advance by calling Jenny on 01670 860611
Blyth Buggy Walk** First Monday of the Month at 1.00pm-2.30pm
Blyth Sports Centre Walk FREE.
Refreshments (£3)
Just turn up
Ashington Buggy Walk*** Tuesday 12.45pm-1.30pm Ashington Children Centre FREE
Book in advance by calling 01670 819988
Ashington Mamas Pilates**** Tuesday 6-7pm
Starts Tuesday 4th Feb
Hirst Welfare Centre, Ashington £5.60 per session non members
FREE for members
Book in advance
Ashington Mamas Birth Preparation Tuesday 7-8pm
Next 6 week course starts Tuesday 5th May
Hirst Welfare Centre, Ashington 6 Weeks
Book in advance
Mams 'HIIT' the spa Thursday 7.45pm-9pm
Starts Thurs 5th March
Ashington Leisure Centre £5.60 per session non members
FREE for members
Book in advance

*Before taking part in this class, all new mams MUST:

1 - Be 6 weeks post natal (or 12 weeks after a c-section)
2 - Have had an 'all clear' 6 week postnatal check
3 - Arrange a FREE abdominal check with one of our qualified instructors. This is a quick check to make sure your core muscles are ready for exercise. Please contact Jemma (details below) to organise this.

**Please call Blyth Sports Centre on 01670 620 200 or 01670 622178 to double check sessions are running in advance as sometimes sessions may be cancelled due to adverse weather.

*** Please call Ashington Children's Centre on 01670 819988 to double check sessions are running in advance as sometimes sessions may be cancelled due to adverse weather. Please note the sessions DO NOT run during the school holidays

**** If you are an active person and exercise already you can begin the class immediately. If you are new to exercise please wait until you are 13 weeks pregnant to start the class.

Mams with Prams

Our 'Mams with Prams' class allows you to work at your own pace, so it’s perfect for ANYONE wanting to increase their fitness whilst having fun at the same time.

Focussing on cardio and toning exercises, Instructors will keep you right with the correct safety advice and tips for your individual stage postpartum.
Mams with Prams

Baby Total Tone

Baby Tone is the perfect starting out class to kick start your fitness.

This fun and gentle exercise class takes you through all the toning exercises giving you the chance to bond with your baby and tone up at the same time!
Baby Total Tone

Mamas Core Stability

After you've had your little one it's important to ease back into exercise and seek professional advice.

This class runs over 6 weeks and works on regaining core stability and strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

We slowly introduce the basics within this class and tailor the exercises to your individual needs. Suitable for anyone with diastasis recti.
Mamas Core Stability

Buggy Walks

Ease back into fitness with our Buggy Walks for postnatal mams and their babies.

Walks are led by walk leaders and give women the opportunity to meet other mams in a relaxed environment.

Walks are FREE and some are followed by refreshments (cost £3) where you can socialise with other mams. Booking not required. 
Buggy Walks

NEW Mamas Pilates™

Mamas Pilates™ is a great way to prepare you for being a mam! These classes will help you:
  • build strength
  • relax
  • learn great breathing techniques
  • stretch
  • with your pregnancy aches and pains 
  • look after your physical and emotional health 
You will have the chance to meet other women who know exactly how you feel and learn how exercise can also help you get ready for your baby arriving. 

Rachel Rafiefar who delivers the sessions is the creator of Mamas Pilates™ and offers fun, interactive and friendly classes. She is also an Antenatal Educator so she can answer any concerns you may have or signpost you in the right direction. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to come to these classes, it’s so much more than Pilates!
NEW Mamas Pilates™

NEW Mamas Birth Preparation

If you are having a baby and finding everything a little overwhelming and would like to learn more about pain relief, birth positions and how to breathe when you are having a baby, then this course is for you!

In the Mamas Birth Preparation 6 week course you will learn how to:
  • breathe to help you relax and use during your baby’s birth
  • move in labour and find birth positions that work for you
  • make a birth plan, considering the choices for birth and the choices available to you
  • pain relief options available to you
  • stay healthy during pregnancy
  • look after your emotional and mental health 
  • different types of birth 

Rachel Rafiefar is a Childbirth Educator and is passionate about childbirth and helping women feel confident during childbirth and getting ready to have a baby. Partners are welcome to attend the sessions.
NEW Mamas Birth Preparation

Mams HIIT the Spa

Our Mams 'HIIT' the Spa class is especially designed for all mams looking for some ‘ME TIME’! Get put through your paces with 30 minutes of high intensity interval training followed by some well deserved chill time in Ashington Leisure Centre’s luxurious Tranquillity Spa. Includes use of jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, monsoon showers, foot spas, heated benches and ice feature. 

Come out feeling relaxed, revitalised and like a new mam!
Mams HIIT the Spa

Monday for Mams Offer!

Introducing our Monday for Mams offer...

Enjoy a Scone and Hot Drink with your little one in our cafe for ONLY £2! 

Did you know we also offer FREE softplay at our centre for UNDER 1's?

Valid for mams with a child (3 and under) on Mondays ONLY. Applies to Term time only (excludes
Bank Holidays).

Offer valid only at Blyth Sports Centre and Ashington Leisure Centre Cafe's!
Monday for Mams Offer!

Come along to any 'Mams on the Move' class from 16th-22nd March and receive a Mother’s Day gift AND free entry into our raffle to win some great prizes including a mam and baby hamper! We also have 5 x Fitness Packs up for grabs which include a bag, water bottle, towel and gym mat!

Only one Mother’s Day gift per person.One entry per person only into free raffle.Promotion runs from 16th-22nd March only.
Raffle winners will be contacted and announced on Facebook. The prize is non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and not redeemable for cash or other prizes.
Active Northumberland retains the right to substitute the prize with another prize of similar value in the event the original prize offered is not available.

Further Information

Further Information

If you'd like any more information or need to chat anything through, please contact our wellbeing co-ordinator, Jemma Burt.

Jemma leads all the 'Mams on the Move' classes and will be very happy to discuss anything to do with the programme.

You are also welcome to join the 'MAMS ON THE MOVE' FACEBOOK GROUP where you will find out information about the classes and join in the conversation with other mams!

CONTACT: Jemma Burt, Wellbeing Co-ordinator, 01670 622178

Before completing physical activity with us, we will ask you to ensure you have read in full our Health Commitment Statement, available here, and our PAR-Q, available here.

Download the app and get active!