Our Policies

Read more about our policies below and how we aim to help people in Northumberland make the most out of the diverse culture and leisure on offer in our county. 


We are committed to providing inclusive and accessible leisure opportunities for all. Read our accessibility guide here for more information. 


Lost property

Our lost property policy is as follows - 

Item(s) found of value will be kept in a safe for 4 weeks, including - 

Cash, in any amount, credit cards, personal identification (including licenses, passport, etc.), electronic devices including laptops, personal digital assistants (PDA's), iPODs (or equivalent), mobile phones, mobile games systems, Ebook readers, etc, jewellery / watches (costume jewellery is not considered of value), keys

Articles of Clothing will be kept in a clothing box for 4 weeks

Articles of clothing with little apparent value and without owner identification will be added to the clothing box

Goggles left on the poolside or in the changing rooms will be kept in the clothing box. The date they were found will be attached and they will be disposed of after 4 weeks.

Anyone who reclaims a pair of goggles must sign to acknowledge that they accept responsibility if they contract an infection from the goggles that they have claimed as their own, or on behalf of someone else.

Food and drink or anything liquid or perishable will be properly discarded immediately

Socks, underwear and towels will not be kept and will be properly discarded immediately

Customer Charter Statement

At Active Northumberland we put the needs of all our customers first and we are committed to providing a responsive, accessible and professional service. To find out more view our Customer Charter Statement HERE.