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29 Jul

Concordia Pool Reopens

Concordia Pool Reopens
Concordia Leisure Centre's Leisure Pool, which has undergone an extensieve period of works to refurbish and rennovate the pool plant room, alongside additional works to the pool hall and changing village over the past 3 months is now OPEN to welcome you back!

The grand reopening of the pool will take place on Monday 29th July and we can't wait to welcome you back your favourite activities, whether it's just a dip in the pool, a family day out or to get your exercise routine back in the water. 

We've had great fun with our countdown quiz over the past 7 days with many of you joining in to test your knowledge and find out some fun facts on Concordia along the way, the summary of aoo of our facts are below:

What colour uniform did Concordia's staff origionally wear when we first opened?
Answer - Navy Blue & Red

Which country were the origional palm trees imported from?
Answer - Portugal

When the building opened in 1977, which current receptionist greeted the queen with flowers when she arrived?
Answer - Debbie

How many tons of sand are inside one of our new pool filters?
Answer - 5.5 tons

We have some long standing employees working at Concordia. How many years of service do Barbara and Liz have between them?
Answer - 80 years

How many steps are there on the stairway to heaven in Clip 'n Climb?
Answer - 13 steps

How deep is the deepest part of our pool?
Answer - 1.5 metres


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