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01 Feb

Sign up for swimming - one of life’s most important lessons

Sign up for swimming - one of life’s most important lessons

There are still spaces left for children and adults of all ages and abilities to attend swimming lessons with Active Northumberland.


Swimming has many benefits in life - safety, recreation, exercise and health and wellbeing - making it an important life skill everyone should learn, either as a child or in adulthood, And it’s never too early or late to learn - Active Northumberland cater for anyone from 3 months to 103 years of age.


Sessions are available in the ten pools across the county on a range of days and times. Young toddlers can learn  in the parents and tots classes, for children up to four years there is the ducklings class and then the swim scheme takes the children from four years and upwards through the progressive stages.


If you are an adult and missed out when you were younger, or had a bad experience in water, then you can join the increasing number of adults who are learning to swim in later life.


Mark Seymour, head of swimming at Active Northumberland said:


“Swimming lessons can be some of the most important hours of your life. Not only do you learn the essential skills but you can also have lots of fun as you build up your confidence and technique in the water.”


“ We try to encourage parents  to start their children off with lessons as early as possible so they are confident in water and already swimming before they start school. We find this gives them a real head start.  We also run one on one lessons for those who would like a bit of extra support.


“As well as being lots of fun, swimming also provides loads of health benefits which can help to keep you and your children healthy and happy at the same time  - and once you’ve learnt to swim, it is a skill that will stay with you for life.”


The lessons last 30 minutes and can be booked by ringing the Active Northumberland contact centre on 01670 620200 or calling in at any of our sports centre receptions.


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