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13 Feb

Parkinson's Class Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Parkinson's Class Celebrates 1st Anniversary

A weekly exercise class  to help people with Parkinson’s,  that runs in Berwick’s Swan Centre is celebrating its one year anniversary and the fantastic progress that has been made by all those attending.


Parkinson’s is a progressive, neurodegenerative condition that is often accompanied by impaired balance, walking and a reduced quality of life.


All the latest  research has shown that exercise is just as important as medication for people with the condition.


Last year Active Northumberland joined forces with Parkinson’s UK to develop the exercise class and staff were trained in  aspects of the condition.


Kevin Logan, Exercise Instructor with Active Northumberland said:


“ It has been a fantastic year. The overall improvement within the group has been phenomenal.  To begin with the group started with simple balance and strength sessions to increase mobility and help reduce the incidence of falls but these sessions quickly advanced to higher intensity circuits.


“ Having fun has been fundamental to the group“ added Kevin,  “ We’ve had themed days including a day out on the train and Parkinson's Christmas games and our exercise sessions always end with a cuppa and cake in the cafe so those taking part can talk to others who have the same condition.”


The idea of the classes was sparked by inspirational  local lady Colleen Henderson-Heywood who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s at the young age of 39. She was having one to one sessions at the Swan Centre with instructor Kevin  in her determination not to let the condition take over her life and knew that others could benefit from dedicated exercise classes.


Colleen said:

“ The exercise programme  Kevin put together when it was just me and him was so brilliant, I knew that it would help other people with Parkinson's, and he made it happen!”


“ I am so impressed with the staff at Active Northumberland. They look on customers as individuals and consider their needs. It is so much more than a sports centre. To me it has been a significant part of my primary health care and I think there are so many more people living in the community that could benefit from their services.”

Jeremy Stone also attends the group. He said:  “ I’ve been attending the exercise classes for over a year now which I really believe have helped me to continue playing golf and curling. I find them very worthwhile and intend to continue with them - I just wish they’d improve my golf more.”


Active Northumberland runs a very successful GP Referral scheme where doctors and other health professionals refer individuals who they feel would benefit from physical activity to help them improve their medical conditions.


The exercise class for Parkinson’s sufferers is an extension of this work to support and assist residents in the Berwick area who have the disease.

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