Visit Alnwick's revamped Bouldering Wall

The bouldering wall at the Willowburn Sports & Leisure Centre in Alnwick has been repainted and re-routed providing a fresh, new climbing experience.

Whether your are looking for a full body work out, or just a bit of fun with the kids, a climb on the wall  is a great all round fitness activity.

At Alnwick the climbs vary in grades of  difficulty and a Moon Board, designed by climber Ben Moon,   optimises climbing performance.

Steve Temple, Manager at Willowburn Sports and Leisure Centre said:

“  If you’re looking for a new way to build strength, coordination and fitness, adding a weekly climb on our wall is a great way to do it. And as no two climbs are ever quite the same, you are constantly working different muscles.

“ While the pushing, pulling and lifting involved in climbing mirrors resistance exercise, climbing is also an excellent cardiovascular workout.  

“ There are other health benefits too. A recent study found that activities that involve balance, muscle and spatial coordination and other aspects of climbing could significantly improve a person’s  memory, and cognitive functions. ”

The Willowburn bouldering wall is  open to the public each day however to avoid disappointment it is best to book in advance as the wall is also used for children’s parties and school classes.  

Entry is £5 for adults and £3 for juniors. 

For further information go to or call 01670 620200

05 Apr 2019