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04 Sep

Back to school...Back to Active

Back to school...Back to Active

Back to school...Back to Active!

This summer we’ve had glorious weather! Long sunny days and evenings with time to relax and enjoy family time in the 6 week holidays.

However, during this time, routines may have been affected, including your usual time for exercise and fitness!

Back to school...Back to Active
With the kids back off to school, and the six weeks of mayhem over, NOW is the time to get back into an exercise routine and perhaps shed those extra pounds accumulated throughout the holiday season.
Excuses excuses…
We are all guilty of coming up with brilliant excuses as to why we should avoid exercising...

“I’m too busy”
You don’t need a lot of time. Try and build some ‘exercise time’ into your day. It’s really not that hard to get in shape. Once you’ve identified the time for a bit of cardio work, add a bit of discipline, a dollop of commitment and make this a daily/weekly routine. Combined with a healthier diet you’ll be well on your way!

“I can’t be bothered”
If motivation is lacking, we can help! If you become a member, one of our professional fitness team will work with you to form your own personal fitness plan, and they’ll be there to support you along the way. You’ll also have unlimited access to 15 gyms,10 swimming pools and over 450 activity and fitness classes, so you have plenty variety and choice if your usual exercise needs livening up.

“I’m tired and just want to relax”
Exercising isn’t just about getting fit and losing weight. There are many other benefits too. It will elevate your mood during the dark winter nights when diminished sunlight leaves you feeling tired and hungry as the winter blues start to creep in.  It will get your blood pumping and boost your energy levels which can flag during the cold weather. And, if you are fit and healthy your immune system will be stronger helping to fend off those nasty winter bugs.

Make a move!
Come and speak to us!
If you’re already a member and need motivational help, grab a member of our fitness team and arrange a free one-to-one consultation to plan your exercise routine for the next few weeks. They will help you get back on track!
If you’re not a member and would like further information about our range of flexible membership packages, please click the link below, pop in to your local centre or call us on 01670 620200
Click here for more info about our range of memberships 

Christmas is coming…!
NOW is the time to get active as the clock is ticking towards the Christmas holidays and another round of parties and over indulgence!

Download the app and get active!