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16 May

Shaping up for summer

Shaping up for summer

Shaping up for summer

with Active Northumberland’s Nicole Rowley


This winter has dragged on forever, and at times it’s been difficult to imagine that we would ever see the sunshine again!

With a few days of warm sunshine recently, summer IS just about here at last, but the question is - are you ready?

It is so easy to spend cosy winter evenings in front of the TV - comfort eating and drinking, and now that spring has arrived, you may be worried that it’s too late to get yourself in shape for the summer… DON’T PANIC! There is still time!

Here are a few tips to help you get started -

Stop making excuses that you’re too busy! Try hard to to make time every day to go for a power walk, a class, a swim - whatever it is you enjoy - you will feel so much better for doing it!

As well as your old favourites, challenge yourself to do something you’ve never tried before. Go to an aqua class,  join a sports club or even come along to an adult only Clip ‘n Climb session! Encourage a friend to come with you - variety and camaraderie is the secret to keeping motivated!

Everything in MODERATION!
Try and think about eating and drinking more healthily. Cut out naughty snacks and replace them with more healthy options. As for drinking, did you know that one glass of prosecco has roughly the same number of calories as a chocolate digestive biscuit!...

The time is NOW!
Don’t put it off any longer! Start today, and very soon you will shake off the winter layers with confidence!

Have a fabulous, healthy and happy summer!


Nicole is the fitness manager at Concordia Leisure Centre in Cramlington.

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