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13 Jun

Active body, active mind...exam time exercise

Active body, active mind...exam time exercise

Active body, active mind... the benefits of exam time exercise

With Jordan Bell, fitness manager at Blyth Sports Centre

Take a break from the books!

You may feel like your child should spend every waking hour preparing for their exams. But in order to achieve great results, they need to do more than sit behind books.

For most students during the exam period, any hope of regular exercise goes out of the window. In its place falls lengthy revision sessions and high-stress levels. As a graduate of Applied Sport and Exercise Science from Northumbria University, I understand all too well the pressures that young students find themselves under.
The truth is that if you really want them to fulfill their potential, from both an academic and health perspective, exam time exercise can bring big benefits.
Exercise improves concentration and memory
Aside from providing a well-needed break from the books, when we start to exercise it triggers the release of hormones and chemical compounds in the body which improve sleep, motivation, memory and concentration while reducing stress and anxiety.

Remember that exercise doesn’t have to last for hours to count. During revision periods, your child might benefit from moving towards shorter, more intense sessions but they will still get the all important physical and cognitive benefits. A 10 minute brisk walk will help, one of our 30 minute fitness classes or better still, a refreshing swim!

Staying active and getting a sweat on during the exam period certainly helped me, and should also help your child.

And one last thing - adequate rest and good diet play their part too.  Ensure your child has a good bedtime routine and that their diet is packed full of nutrient dense fruits and veggies, as well as omega-3 rich nuts and seeds for an even bigger brain boost!

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Good luck!


Jordan is the fitness manager at Blyth Sports Centre

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