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30 Jul

Elli’s journey to become a swimming teacher

Elli’s journey to become a swimming teacher

Elli's journey to become a swimming teacher

A local girl who overcame her early fear of swimming, to compete in the world championships, is now working as a swimming instructor for Active Northumberland and helping other young children learn to swim.

When Elli Munday, now aged 18 from Morpeth started to swim she was so frightened of the water that it was a real challenge to even get her into the pool.

After some careful coaching to build up her confidence these early days were soon behind her and Elli joined the swimming club at Morpeth’s Riverside Leisure Centre. Sunday afternoon swimming sessions soon progressed along with Elli’s love of, and ability to swim, and she eventually started to swim every day.

At the age of 8 Elli was introduced to lifesaving sport and competed in lifesaving competitions as well as her swimming competitions

By the age of 14 Elli  had qualified for the National Pairs Championships and took the national title for her age group a few months later. At 15 years old she  took part in GB camps with other teammates and finally at the age of 16 she ended her competition days out at the World Championships in Eindhoven, Holland.

Elli said:

“I know swimming doesn’t come easily to every child. I can relate to that as when I first started swimming myself I hated getting in the water and really struggled.  It took patience and persistence but I got there.

“Swimming has opened up the door for me to have some really amazing experiences and to meet so many fantastic people. My love of swimming has also opened up a career for me as I am now a lifeguard and swimming instructor teaching some amazing kids a sport I am very passionate about but one which is also an important life skill. ”

Elli currently has some spaces in a few of her  classes on a Wednesday and Thursday evening and would love to pass on some of her knowledge and skills to children in the local community of Morpeth.

For further information about Elli’s classes and other swimming classes  call in at the Riverside Leisure Centre in Morpeth to speak to a member of staff, or ring the Active Northumberland contact centre on 01670 620200.

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