Stay motivated! Exercise with a friend!

Stay motivated! Exercise with a friend!

If you exercise alone, it can be so easy to make excuses and to lose motivation.
Exercise with a friend, however, and you may get this:-

"Shall we go to the gym tonight?"
"Do you fancy trying Zumba?"
"Lets see if we can do 20 lengths at the pool"
"Come on! Get off the sofa, let's go to Pilates!"

You don't want to let your friend down so this is precisely why exercising with a friend can be a very good idea - more motivation, no feeble excuses and more fun which again, means you’re more likely to stick at it and make fitness a regular and enjoyable habit.

A recent UK study of women's exercise behaviour found that 64% of women who train with their friends were more likely to push their workouts to the limit than those who exercised on their own. 

The key thing is to pick your fit friend wisely. You need a friend who's reliable, who has a similar level of fitness and who wants to do an activity you'll both enjoy at a time that will work for you.

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14 Aug 2018