6 Week HITT & Gym Weight Loss Challenge

New Year, New You? Then why not sign up to our FREE 6 week HITT &
Gym Weight Loss Challenge to help you achieve your weight loss goals in 

To take part in the challenge, you will need to:
  • Sign up to the challenge by Monday 23rd January. 
  • Get your body measurements taken between 23rd-29th January using
  • our state-of-the art Tanita body fat analysis machine.
  • Attend 2-3 Functional Training sessions per week (HITT class) between
  • 30th Jan-13th March. 
You will supported throughout your weight loss journey with a 1-2-1
programme from your gym instructor based on your weight loss which will
be reviewed every 2 weeks.

We will be offering some fantastic prizes for the most weight lost, highest %
body fat lost and the best attendance. Lucky winners will enjoy a relaxing
and well deserved Thermal Spa Experience at our Tranquillity Spa.

The six week weight loss challenge is free and only for members with a BMI
of 25+. Final weigh in on or before 13th March.  
See your instructor to sign up for the challenge!


16 Jan 2017