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We appreciate that many of our customers are being impacted by the current Coronavirus pandemic. At this time, Active Northumberland want to continue to remind everyone that now more than ever physical activity matters.

This is why, we have worked to create a full media suite of workouts you can do at home, we have pulled together short videos from our team and from our partners.

Please help us to share this with everyone, as they are free to access. Whilst people may be isolated in their homes, we want to show that exercise can be done anywhere.

Are we missing anything? Drop us an email and we will do our best to find content for you!

We are also delivering LIVE classes for you at home via our Facebook Channel "Active Northumberland". Like our page for announcements on the next class and to view previous classes.


Keep the whole family active with these themed workouts you can do at home, provided by Les Mills.
Available online at

We are building a bank of workouts from our fantastic team of instructors. Head to our YouTube channel and enjoy. We are continuing to add and will have Circuits, Conditioning, Strength and Pilates all available soon.

Click here to access our channel on YouTube, or search for Active Northumberland

Do the workout from home, in your own time. 14 FREE workouts available at

What is it?

Les Mills GRIT Cardio is a high-intensity workout that is designed to improve your strength and build lean muscle using your bodyweight. Focus on speed and agility in this exciting class.

Why do it?

The workout will focus on your major muscle groups, using weights to improve your core strength and develop leaner muscles.  The workout is set to energetic music to encourage you to work harder and improve fitness faster.  Your coach will be working alongside you, so you won’t be short of motivation. Choose a centre below to book your class today. 

Who is it for?

This is a high-intensity workout, but your coach can adapt it to suit you. This is a great workout for those who want to work at developing lean, powerful muscles.

Do the workout from home, in your own time. 14 FREE workouts available at

Les Mills Body Combat

What is it?

This activity combines karate, taekwondo and boxing to form an energetic routine. This is a great way to aid fitness using moves and stances from all three disciplines.

Why do it?

This martial arts style training is completely non-combat but has all of the fitness benefits of boxing, taekwondo and karate. In this high-energy workout you'll burn calories and work with our trainers to learn skills from the three disciplines. Scroll down to book a class.

Who is it for?

This is great for anyone who wants to work on their base fitness with a high-intensity workout.

Do the workout from home, in your own time. 7 FREE workouts available at

Do the workout from home, in your own time, simply click the link for a 6 minute Yoga workout

What is it?

Using breathing techniques and focusing on improving strength and flexibility, you can boost both your physical and mental wellbeing in one of our Yoga classes.

Why do it?

Shape, tone and stretch your whole body as you move through different positions, concentrating on your breathing for a calming and well-rounded practice. This ancient form of exercise is used to improve strength, flexibility and balance as well as being an effective form of relaxation and stress relief. Join us on the mat today; choose a centre below to book.

Who is it for?

Yoga can be adapted for all abilities. You don’t have to be flexible to start as you'll improve with each class you attend.

Take a moment to focus your breathing, calm the mind and unwind with a range of Mindfullness exercises delivered by Les Mills. Access 11 exercises you can do at

Make sure you like our project Facbook group search for "Mams on the Move" or click here , Jemma and the team are delivering a number of LIVE home workouts suitable for post pregnancy. 
Please ensure you have read our Health Commitment Statement and post natal PAR-Q available here

Les Mills
Do the workout from home, in your own time. 8 FREE workouts suitable for post natal women available at

Stay home and join My Swim Pro for a dryland workout specifically designed for swimmers, every Sunday 10 at 2.00pm

Click here to RSVP to the next workout and access previous broadcasts from My Swim Pro by clicking here

Take the time to improve your technique with a bank of clips showing you the correct form and exercises you should be doing in any workout, available at

Download the app and get active!