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We are a Charity, which means we exist for community benefit and any surplus money we make is put back into our services to benefit the residents of Northumberland.

Our Transformation Strategy 2019 - 2022

Read our Strategy Booklet online by clicking here


Amongst the many benefits we are responsible for providing for our communities, is our commitment to improve health and well-being.

Generally most people are not as active as they should be to maintain good health and a sense of well-being. Modern living means we have to overcome all kinds of barriers in order to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle. Inactivity is sadly becoming a global problem, and the costs of treating preventable health conditions, associated with inactivity, are enormous putting immense pressure on our cherished health and social care services.

There is no doubt people need support to become more active and to lead healthier lifestyles. At Active Northumberland we want to work with our partners and our communities to develop new innovative ways of delivering services, so we can help people to be more active and lead a healthy lifestyle.

We appreciate this is a challenge, but we are committed to being successful and we’ve already started. You may have noticed that our branding in and around our centres, on our website and across our social media channels has changed! Our great ‘new look’ is just a small part of our Transformational Strategy that will result in our facilities and services progressively developing and improving.




Our Transformational Strategy will strive to achieve our VISION to be the best community leisure and wellness provider in the UK’.

Along with a ‘new look’ and our bold and brave VISION, we are delighted to introduce our VALUES and PROPOSITION, which combined, will shape the way we develop and deliver our Transformational Strategy.


Our values represent how we want to behave, we think abiding by our values will make Active Northumberland a great place to visit and to work. Our values are:

Our commitment to fun means we encourage it in everything we do to build confidence and teamwork and to attract and retain great people.

Our commitment to inclusion means we understand and respect differences, we collaborate as a team, and we break down barriers to enable people who are socially excluded, disadvantaged, isolated and vulnerable to participate and achieve their goals.

Our commitment to trust means we are honest and respect the views of others. We can accomplish more together as a team and we always do our best to provide an exceptional service.

Take a look at our Annual Report to see just what we have achieved in the past year.

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We work in partnership with many different organisations but we’re always keen to develop new partnerships to help our support network grow. If you want to find out more about our work or have any suggestions for the culture and leisure facilities in Northumberland, please contact us.

We manage all leisure facilities on behalf of Northumberland County Council, including fitness centres, community sites and beach facilities. We also provide a large sports development service to deliver activity sessions to children and young people, and to support local sports clubs and community groups.
Active Northumberland is committed to helping people make healthy lifestyle choices, offering expertise and experience. We support the development of all physical activity across the county. Our leisure facilities encourage a physical lifestyle and our GP referral scheme is nationally recognised.
Culture is another vital part of our services. We manage all of the county’s libraries and support the development of creative industries such as arts, heritage and tourism. We also actively arrange and promote events such as festivals and theatre and museum programmes in order to attract visitors and create opportunities for residents.

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